Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday's List

Hey Scrappers!

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. Our busy schedules started yesterday. We had my family over for a cook-out & campfire. I have to say, it was a wonderful day. Very laid back and low-key. The weather was beautiful - mid 70's - a very nice change from the record-breaking 90 degree days earlier in the week. Today we have a birthday party we are attending, and tomorrow will be crazy. We have a parade (that DH will be in), a birthday party and a picnic at my MIL's house. All really fun things, but a lot of running around - and not much space for DD2 to take a nap :-( ..

Here is your list - and enjoy the rest of your weekend. BTW, no list tomorrow - I just have too much to do. Be back on Tuesday!

Happy Scrapping!

Scrapbooking Kits & Digi Paper Packs: Finishing up with Friendship Rose Kit Fairtales Papers & Curls (2 downloads here) Thank you! Tracy B Sock Drawer Freebie Amanda Jean Elements Stitched Block 9

Templates: Template # 56 Andrea's got a template for you today

Quick Pages: Part 5 Heritage Mini Album Lavender Innocence QP

Other Fab Finds: Vintage Portrait Cards - these are beautiful. I've snagged some for a heritage album I will be doing soon! Metal Flowers Frames Word Art Felt Borders

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Special LO

I wanted to post a special layout here. Today is my Grandmothers birthday. It is the first one we are celebrating without her. So, I made this layout for my mom and the rest of our family.

These pages were created using the following supplies:

Templates: Kissed Studio T0004
Papers, phototurns, page tags & Frame: Mega Kit Adorable Mommy - Scrapkut Designers
Stitches: Cool Boys, Sweet Girls Kit by Mary. Get it here
Fonts: Donny’s Hand & Footlight MT

Play-dough Pics

Yesterday DD and I were playing with some homemade playdough. Well, she was playing, I was mostly taking her picture. She was being such a little ham, I thought I'd share some of them.

She made a little sheep with it and wanted to show it off. She was having a blast posing for the camera (nope, not normal for her!) and she was being so silly making a "happy face" instead of just saying "Cheeeeeeeeeessssssssssssseeeeee" ! She cracks me up!

I'll share the recipe for the homemade dough, if I can find it.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. My week is starting out to be very productive. I dropped the kiddies off at my MIL's and ran errands. I went grocery shopping, got some presents for a birthday party we have next weekend, stopped at Target and got some cute little flip-flops for swimming class tonight, I planted pansies & petunias, tomatoes, peas and beans, I even had time to fit in a shower! All this, by 12:30. Amazing! I also stopped to try on some swimming suits - but that was NOT so much fun - I'll definately be walking tonight! LOL...

Here's the list:

Kits & Paper Packs: Shabby Princess has a new Kit - be sure to snag this one! Lace Paper Fresh Fusion Add on Nielsen's got this beautiful Be Kind Mini-kit. After you read her story about what happened to her today, be sure to "be kind" yourself and leave her some lovin'! Friendship Rose Kit & a Free matching Quick Page! A stitch in Time Mini Kit Final Piece of the Flowers for My Mother Kit It's here! The Alpha has been posted for the Bayadere Kit. Thanks Miss Vivi! Rich Swirls Kit Pao Java's got a Happy Birthday Mini Kit in honor of her birthday- I love that she's giving us the presents! Thanks so much! Papers & matching Fabric Flowers Link #19 for the Garden of Eden Kit

Templates: Template # 50 Paisley Template Squares of You Template - you can get 12 (yup, count 'em) pics on this page.

Quick Pages: Blue Heart Quick Page Summer Sorbet Quick Page There are 6 - can you believe it??- Sunny Days Quick pages at Nana's Attic today.

Elements & Other Fab Finds: Tied up in Knots Sticker Doodle Frame Spring Breeze Alpha Friendship Quote Cards from Scrappy Pony Stitched Block Elements Customizable Charm Template. Thanks so much for the link!

Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A LO, a List & a Funny Story!

I've been busy today! I finally finished a LO - it's been a while. As you can tell, I am way behind on my pics. These are from just before last Christmas. I have come to terms with the

fact that I will always be behind on scrapping :-) There actually was a time BC (Before Children) that I was caught up, and I was trying to come up with events to take pictures at, just so that I could continue to scrap! Only a true scrapper could admit to that :-) I know I'm not the only one that does that - or makes sure my kids have matching outfits in pictures so that I can match papers to the photo's easier! LOL

Here's my pic credits:

Quick Page – Elegance Quick Page # 3 by Doro (Doreen Stolz) (Get it here )
Fonts: Ck Windsong

Special techniques: Dup title layer and changed the color to 2 shades darker than the paper below the title. This gives it a more realistic drop shadow look. The original Quick page did not go with my pictures, but I really liked the feel of it, so I adjusted the hue and saturation until I got colors that went better with my pictures.

Ok, now my funny story. Don't worry, the list is coming...

We recently purchased a new (to us) minivan, and I was really excited about the multi-zone temp control. I can't tell you how many times I'd put my kids in my old car for a quick trip to the store, and find the poor things fast asleep and dripping with sweat because they were just too warm. It didn't matter how high I turned on that a/c, it'd happen every time. So today, on the way home from bible school, I looked at my temp guage, and noticed that it was already 81 degrees out. So, I set my a/c at a comfortable temp in my zone, and cranked up the a/c for the kiddies. A few minutes later, my DD1 (who's 2 1/2) says "Mom, can you turn down that wind?? It's really messing up my hair!!!!" I guess she'll never enjoy riding in a convertable! LOL

Ok, now, here's what you all came for - the LIST: Waiting for summer part 2 Orange Spice Template Mothers Day Freebie A Mothers Joy Kit Black and White Template Template Template Template Dot Paper Swanheart add on Cardboard Frames Outback 2 Metal kit Strapped labels Scalloped border Add on Pack Preschool Paint smudges and splats Butterflies

Happy Scrapping!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

That's why I scrapbook!

I am posting again today, this time with a LO. CC welcome. :-)

This was such a fun page of my DD. She was having so much fun with the chalk, that I smile everytime I look at the pics, and remember the moment.... That's why I scrapbook!

These pages were created using the following

Templates: chesna-hickman-template1 and
template3 both by Lucy Chesna &
Di Hickman
Springtme Moments by Digi Hub Designs (from
RAKScraps Newsletter)
Fonts: Chalkdust & CK BellaOverlay:
Shabby Princess,
Shabby Mommy

Actions: Atomic Cupcakes' Distressed Chipboard action

My lists are in the posts below...