Friday, June 15, 2007

Another LO

Quick Update here: I just found the coolest plug ins. Get it here. It works on PS, PSE (I have PSE3 & it works great). Follow the directions in the read me file to install, and use them from the filter menu at the top, not your filters box on the side. Ok, what do they do, you ask? They will make your pictures fab. You can do dreamy effects, sepia, B&W, newspaper, and about 20 others, and the best part... IT'S FREE, so run over an get it. If you need help, just let me know!


I've got another LO I'm posting. This one was super fast, cause I used a Quick Page for it.

Credits go to: Mindy at Fresh Brewed Coffee for her Neon Summer QP & Font is Donny's Hand.

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