Monday, June 11, 2007

PSA & a Freebie List!

Hey Scrappers!

I've got a new list for you today, but first, please read this link to make sure that you yourself are not commiting Digital Piracy. We all know that it's not okay to steal, but we need to make sure that we all undertand just what that means. It's okay to say, "hey, go here to find this great thing", but it's not okay to say "here, let me give you this great thing", unless of course, you made it yourself. :-)

BTW, you may have noticed that I have added some advertising links to my blog... I haven't decided how I feel about it yet. I have added them, in part, to justify blog time to my DH. If I made a little cash for my blogging time, I think he might feel better about it. I feel a little bit like I am selling out. I'd love to have some opinions from other bloggers who use ads. How do you feel about them? I'm debating on keeping them, or switching to links and blinkies of my fav spots. They don't really get a lot of hits, cause most folks come here for Free stuff!

Ok, now I've done my PSA, here is your list! :-)

Kits & Paper Packs: Spice Paradise Punch Kit South Beach Grunge Papers Cortina's Del Azul Noces a Maurice Paper Pack (It's in the sidebar) Summer Grenadine Glacée VAFS Little Man Elements Glassy Paper Nostalgic Kit Curls Independence Papers Picnic Lunch Black paper Kevin Jr. Papers Fresh Day


Quick Pages:

Tips & Tricks:

Other Fab Finds: Alpha Word Art Sweet Belle Swirls Clipped Papers Pretty Borders Flowers Assorted Tape Elements Chipboard Flower & Stitched Frame Corners Tiny Turtle Frame Alpha Flowers

Happy Scrapping!


mm said...

Great list today. Thanks.

Mindy said...

I think the ads are fine. I guess I agree with you that, as long as your bloggin, you might as well try to make a little extra! :) Thanks for listing me!!

.:kristine:. said...

I think the ads are fine...your blog isn't crowded with them and it still looks very "clean"...

BTW, thanks so much for spotlighting my freebie on my blog! I kind of stumbled here by accident and was pleasantly surprised! Thanks for making my day!!