Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tip - Such a time Saver

I just wanted to stop back and tell you that I'm in the middle of making a new LO. I was looking for these great little Doodled Hearts that I DL the other day, and I was having trouble finding them. I looked through at least 100 folders. Then, I remembered that I could search for them in my Picasa Software. I found them in about 15 seconds. I love this thing! I have all my kits loaded in, and I can just search by the file name, designer, color, or something else, and it will show me pics of all the files that have that in the name. I didn't even have to categorize them! I can't believe how much time it saved me. You can get it for Free at Googles site, or you can get it for free above this post or at the bottom of my page - it's part of the FREE Google Pack.



Rodrigo said...

Oi, achei teu blog pelo google tá bem interessante gostei desse post. Quando der dá uma passada pelo meu blog, é sobre camisetas personalizadas, mostra passo a passo como criar uma camiseta personalizada bem maneira. Até mais.

Maria said...

THANK YOU for all your work!!! Forget Picasa! YOU are such a time saver!! ;-) And thanks for listing my freebies! :-)

Kim Broedelet said...

Love the blinkie- grabbed and will be loaded tomorrow!!! Just another tahnk you for your support and of course for ALL your hard work!!! going to squiz now at this picasa-LOL, got toooo much *peep* on my puter these days!! LOL