Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I had just the most fun time with my kids this morning! I took both of my DD's to our local museum. We actually have a membership to it, and we go to it regularly, as long as we've got more than one adult going! They are both pretty little still, my oldest is really good about following directions, and staying with her sister, but the youngest is really too little to be able to expect that just yet. Well, today I chanced it. I took them both on my own, and it was great! They had a blast playing with all of the exhibits, learning, creating & exploring. They stayed together, and both listened so well. I still can't get the youngest to hold DD1's hand, but I came up with a little trick before I went. I took a purple, fabric headband - you know the thick kind that is stretchy? - I had each of them hold on to an end of it, and DD2 also held my hand. And ya know what? NO TEMPER TANTRUMS!!! I couldn't believe it, I was fully prepared to leave if they were not behaving, but we stayed for several hours.

We finally left after lunch and a merry-go-round ride. This actually resulted in a minor tantrum from DD2, but I was not surprised. She was exhausted, and it was getting to be her nap time. Can you believe that with all my nervousness about going - I forgot my camera! :-( What kinda scrapper am I anyhow???? Oh well, there is always next time....

I also wanted to give you an update on my friends brother-in-law that I blogged about recently. There really is not a lot of news here. He is still holding on, but not conscious. He has also gotten a staph. (sp?) infection. But, there are some positive signs, he seems to be trying to mouth words, as if to let them know he is still in there, but just can't make his mind and body connect. His family could still use your prayers. Thanks so much to those of you who have asked about him and offered prayers for him.

In scrap world news, Lauren Reid has this post on her blog. She is having a "You Design It" Contest. Now I'm sure you all know that I don't normally post contests, challenges or CT/ Designer calls on my blog - it's just too much work, and I don't like to play favorites, and only pick and choose. But this contest is a little different. This is one for those of you who are having trouble finding that perfect kit. You tell her what you are looking for, and if she chooses your idea, you will get a custom kit! Check out the post (listed above) for more details.

Here's your list! Happy Scrapping!

Digi Kits & Paper Packs:

http://4boyzandamom2.blogspot.com/ Papers
http://sindiegosscraps.blogspot.com/ Meltdown Madness
http://snapandscrap.net/blog Boho Chick
http://neverlandscraps.blogspot.com/ Baby Blue Mini Kit
http://angelwingsnthings.blogspot.com/ CatTails
http://heyitsjustme-krista.blogspot.com/ Blue Boy Cottage
http://dreamscrapping.blogspot.com/ Summer Frenzy
http://mom2paigenjunior.blogspot.com/ Plum Passion & Radiant Retro
http://heavenlydesignz.blogspot.com/ Prince or Princess Mini Kit
http://princesspamela.typepad.com/my_weblog/ Josh Kit Add on
http://janniscrapdesigns.blogspot.com/ My Sweet Baby Boy (has a couple of QP's too!)
http://kristinesplace.blogspot.com/ Pickle Jar
http://nanas-attic.blogspot.com/ Sweet attitude
http://nbk-nicnic.blogspot.com/ Rose Kit
http://www.paper-moons.com/weblog House Rules Kit (Harry Potter-ish)
http://stoneaccents.blogspot.com/ Feeling Wonderful Kit
http://tea4twophotos.blogspot.com/ Rainy Day
http://fishinmom.blogspot.com/ Justin Gregory
http://digicollage.wordpress.com/ Grunge Overlay - Grab em Quick - only a limited number available :-)

Free Digital Layered Templates:





Freebie Quick Pages:

Free Photoshop & PSP Tutorials, Tips & Tricks:

http://scrap-stuff-with-psp-tutorials.blogspot.com/ Ribbons & Matching Curls in PSP

http://lifeofscraps.blogspot.com/ Link to Photoshop Short Cut Keys

http://phreephormpsr.blogspot.com/ Heather's got a link to a really cool Photoshop Tut on Pop-out Photos

http://scrapyourartout.wordpress.com/2007/07/24/how-to-use-overlayspapermakers-part3/ Kim B's got a new Tut on yet another use for Overlays. The Scrap Your Art Out Blog is quickly becoming one of my fav resources. There is some great talent here.

Other Fab Freebie Finds:
http://akeharini.blogspot.com/ Harry Potter Quote
http://scrapshambles.blogspot.com/ 5 Anime Sugar Stickers
http://scrapzbypimptress.blogspot.com/ Ribbon Bunch
http://scrap-stuff-with-psp.blogspot.com/ Ribbons & Curls
http://daretoscrap.blogspot.com/ Band aids (regular & Neon Colored - be sure to get both sets!)
http://msgini.blogspot.com/ Hot Air Balloons
http://jennilyndesigns.com/journal Alpha
http://scrappinbikerchick.wordpress.com/ Buttons & Tags
http://pillowgirlscraps.blogspot.com/ Alpha
http://www.castle-creations.com/DorisBlog Sunny Days


Jenny said...

Those are the type of outings that make parenting worth it!

I have a freebie kit and a quickpage that I am excited to share with you. It is called Savannah Swims and is at http://littleacornscds.blogspot.com/2007/07/wordless-wednesday-savannah-swims.html


jennymary said...

Thank you for your wonderful list. Your site is always my first port of call. So glad you had a lovely day at the museum with your girls.
Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Thank you for finding such wonderful designs and thank you for adding me to.Wish you a nice day huggies Lorri

Mikkel Paige said...

I have a freebie too if you want to add it to the list!
It's on my blog: www.mikkelpaige.blogspot.com

Thanks for sharing!

Gini aka "MsGini" said...

Thanks so much for adding my Hot Air Balloon elements to your list! I love coming here and finding things in categories!

Shawna said...
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Shawna said...

Thank you for adding my freebie site and the tutorials too :)