Saturday, September 29, 2007

I Scrapped!

I scrapped again! Twice in one week - amazing. This is the first Saturday in ages that I've not had a zillion things to do. I LOVE this LO - I seriously think this is my absolute best page ever. I love the photo, and the journaling really speaks from my heart. The digi papers and such add great touches to the LO. So anyhow, here is the LO:

Journaling reads:
The Most Important Thing to Me is My Family

Everything I love most in the world is right here in this photo. My beautiful, sweet girls & my kind and loving husband. What more could I possibly ask for? This photo was taken on our first big family vacation to Ocean City, MD. I could not resist such an innocent moment of Daddy & his girls.


Stitches, Background & Cut Zig Zag Papers from “Blue Bliss Paper Pack” By Andilynn Designs
Floral Sprays extracted from “Forget Me Not” Paper Pack By Andilynn Designs
Dive into Summer Alpha from Mary’s ScrapGallarie
Waiting for Summer Blue Alpha from Andilynn Designs
Glitter created by using Glitter & Sparkle Brushes by Obsidian Dawn & Sparkle Action by Atomic Cupcake
Fonts: CK Script & Digs My Hart

Don't forget, ScrapMatters is having their grand opening today! Be sure to stop by and check out the challenges, gallery & shop! Check my post below for more info - including a sale & giveaways!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Exciting News & a List

I’ve got some exciting news! I have just accepted a guest spot on a CT for ScrapMatters! Scrap Matters is a new shop that is opening tomorrow, Saturday, Sept 29 at 10:00 PDT. It’s run by Andrea of Andilynn Designs. It features designs by Andilynn Designs, Britt-ish Designs & SHAR-ing Creations.
I think I'm a bit crazy to take on a CT spot with my life being so crazy - but Andrea has asked me twice now, and well I have a hard time saying no! Just kidding. I really love her designs (& Britt-ish too). Andrea was actually one of the first people to notice my blog back when I started it back in April, and has always been so sweet & helpful to me. When she asked me again, I thought that this might be a good opportunity to "force" myself to scrap on a more regular basis. Now I have the opportunity to get some great kits, learn from some pro's & catch up on my scrapping! I'm really excited to be a part of it, especially when they are all so excited to open up their new shop.

They have actually worked on a huge and fabulous collaboration kit for their grand opening. Check it out (I'm completely in love with that red bow - I've got to work it into a page!):

They are giving away this awesome collaboration kit with any purchase of $10 for one week (until 11:59 pm 10/6/07). To celebrate Scrap Matters Grand Opening, everything is on sale for 30% off!

So, run on over right now to register, and come back at 10:00 PDT Saturday for lots of fun! There will be some awesome free gifts for sharing your LO’s in the gallery & participating in the first challenge. Check out the details tomorrow, and if you participate, you could be entered in a drawing to win the store!!!!

Now, for my first official CT LO’s. I used “Missed the Bus” by Britt-ish Designs for my DD1’s first day of preschool. Okay, I’m sort of cheating here. I actually had this LO almost done before Andrea asked me to be on the Scrap Matters CT, but I really wanted to post this LO, cause I think it’s really cute :-)

You can find the full credits here.

For my next LO, I used Vibrant Autumn – A Scrap Matters Collaboration Kit.

You can find the full credits here.
Okay, now here's a list for ya!

Free Digital Scrapbook Kits & Paper Packs: Commotion of the Ocean Add on Halloween Kit Nacre Summer Spice Little Darling Sampler Paper Pack Explore Flaming Gorgeous Pumpkin Papers Peachy Keen Tropical Add on Barnyard Pals Rub-a-dub-dub Paper Pack Tatums Day Elements Froggin Feeling SAS-y Kitty Little Dude Part 2

Free Layered Templates:

Freebie Quick Pages: Alpha

Free PSP & Photoshop Tutorials, Tips & Tricks: Load a bunch of files into Photoshop or PSE – very cool tip! Changing Colors in PSP

CT Calls:

Tools of the Trade: Little Red Trike Lightroom Preset

Other Fab Freebie Finds: Autumn Flower Hearts Delight Free for All Basic Chrome Arrows Alpha Corners Word Art Frames Alpha Tags Brown Bag What nots Desktop Collection of Monograms

Monday, September 24, 2007

I’m feeling like my life is moving way to quick these days – leaving me with little time to get everyday things done. DH helped me clean up most of the house this weekend. He’s really good about this, but I always feel bad if he has to help me get it done, because I’m a SAHM, and that’s part of the reason I’m home – NOT that he expects me to do it all, but if there’s not much left to do on the weekend, we can spend more time doing fun family things.

Now that the seasons are changing (sorta – it’s supposed to be 94 tomorrow – not normal for these parts!) it’s time to put away my DDs summer clothes, and clothes that don’t fit. I’ve also got a very full laundry basket of clean clothes for each of them than need to be put away. I actually like packing away the clothes, because it make me think of wonderful memories of my kids. I HATE to put away my kids laundry – it seams to take so long – partly because their clothes are so small that I can fit a zillion outfits in one load of wash J I’m having trouble finding time to do this. I babysit from 7am -6pm MWF, & TR’s are Preschool & running errands – PO, bank, grocery store. After I’m done babysitting, I’ve got to rush to get dinner on the table, clean up the kitchen, pick up toys, pack bags for the next day, give the kids a bath and get them into bed by 8. I’ve got plenty of time after the kids go to bed, but, ummm, they are in bed… sigh.

My neighbor keeps hinting that she wants to come over and spend some time with the girls, so I may see if I can get it done then. I do have to say that that little chart I made for my DD1 to help her get going in the morning is working WONDERS! She loves it. She says “mom, I’ve got to do my chart”. And she does, every morning – love it! It makes my morning so much easier. We used to spend almost an hour getting the 2 girls ready because of their super slow toddler type paces – but now, we are at about 15 minutes! I’m actually so happy with the results of it, I made another one for DD2. She’s a bit young to do it on her own, but she keeps putting stickers on DD1’s chart, and saying “I go potty too” (could this be a sign she may train earlier than DD1? – A mother can dream can’t she????)

So, here is the Chart I made for DD 2. I used “Frog Princess” by Angela Niehaus, and my Reward Chart Template:

Speaking of dreams – I’m known to have some really messed up ones – especially if I eat late at night, or have too much caffeine that day. Last night I had an awful one. First, I went to be late, and was quite tired, but couldn’t fall asleep. I finally did around 12:30ish. I woke up at 1:00 after a dream that someone was in my DD’s room trying to take her. So, of course I panic, and run into her room – all is fine – just a dream. But I can’t shake the ickiness, and check on both of my kids at least a dozen times even though I have a really good baby monitor for them, and my house is SMALL! So I wake up DH and tell him about the dream. He insists that I do this, because, according to him, it will keep the dream from coming true. Now it’s about 2:30 am. I finally fall back to sleep, to have both DH and I woken by a very loud something. We both panic, and run to check on the girls. They are fine, but then I hear this noise – similar to the one our house alarm makes when you open the door – so panic again (seriously a miracle that this paranoid mama did not have heart failure last night!) So, DH arms himself (not with a gun) and goes down to check all out. Everything was fine, but not sure what that noise was. I think we finally went to bed at 3:00 and had to be up at 5:30. So sleepy….

I can tell you about another time this sort of thing happened to me, it was actually pretty funny. I woke up once in the middle of the night, and went into the bathroom. When I came back, I saw something – or someone out of the corner of my sleepy eyes. So I lean over to my husband and tell him I think someone is in our room. He leaps out of bed, and stands with his back to the corner, and is jumping all over (in his boxers) to try to figure out what it is I see. Then I realize… realize that I am an idiot. So as I am laughing hysterically, I tell him, sorry babe, it was just MY REFLECTION IN THE MIRROR! LOL Isn’t that too funny! Poor guy – the things I put him through…

Wow, this is getting to be a seriously long post, I’ll try to wrap it up, and then give ya the list. Did I mention I’ve got 4 kids here all day – I guess I just need to hear myself say something not related to the preschool set.

Okay, one last thing. A while back, I posted about the fact that I dislike Walmart, and I try my absolute best to avoid shopping there. I had a couple of people ask why I do not like Walmart. Here is a really good article that explains some of their business practices, and many of the reasons why I do not like them. It is a long article, but one I really think is worth reading.

If you’ve finished reading all that, you really deserve this list – I hope you’ve got some time left to check them out!

Free Digital Scrapbook Kits & Paper Packs: Leafy Mini kit Ocean Dreams Elements Vintage Cowboy Thinking in Turquoise Add on Itty Bitty Baby Wet Paint The Red and The black Spring Kit Just 4 U Construction Ahead Sampler April Shower Link Sprite The Leaf Wilderness Extra’s My Little Robot Kit Halloween Kit Havana Nights Birds of a Feather Halloween Hoax Itty Bitty Kit Leap into Spring Romantic Grunge All Aboard Link Skeleton Keys Candy Punk Mini Kit Monday Funk Spider Pajama Party Chalked Crosshatch Grungy Boy Sampler Tendresse Part 10 Xavier Part 4 Don’t Forget part 2

Free Layered Templates: Registration needed

Freebie Quick Pages:

Free PSP & Photoshop Tutorials, Tips & Tricks: A great lesson on PPI sizes & what it means for you!

CT Calls: Description Writer Call

Other Fab Freebie Finds: Witches Brew Stickers Vintage Ladies Alpha Story Board Action Alpha Alphas Alpha Stamp Cluster Word Art Urban Pink Preset Vintage Wash Preset Word Art Recipe Cards Journaling Blocks Shooting Star & Lightroom Presets Word Art & Tag Brush Cluster Star Bookmark Wire Words Tag

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You always come back for me

Today was DD1's second day of preschool. It was the first time that I left her there. I was so proud of her. She went right over and returned the book she had borrowed, sat down at an activity table, and gave me a kiss goodbye. She said, "you always come back for me, right mom?" That was it, she was fine, no tears or anything. Then I took DD2 out to the car to run errands. I was on the verge of tears myself. I still can't believe my DD is growing up so quickly. It seems just like yesterday that I had her. Sigh…


Just another reason why I scrap… to keep track of these memories - I know I'll forget them if I don't. Think about why you scrap – maybe it would make a good scrap page…


Here's your list:


Free Digital Scrapbook Kits & Paper Packs: Green Collection Bollywood Little Rascal Panda Family Cheep Cheep Little Bird Sampler Pretty Pink Beautiful Boy Papers All Aboard Xavier


Free Layered Templates: Funky Fall Heirloom Freebie Coffee House Overlay


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Free PSP & Photoshop Tutorials, Tips & Tricks:


CT Calls:


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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I knew this day would come...

but I was not really prepared for it. My DD started school today! I can't believe she's old enough to go to school. She was so excited to go, until after we dropped off sister at a friends house. Then, she did not want to go to school. But, we got there, and she was just fine. Today was pretty easy because I got to stay with her. It was an orientation day. But next week... I'm not ready for her to grow up this fast! Thank goodness I don't have to put her on a school bus just yet! Then I know I would be balling!

Okay, here is one pic of her getting ready to leave. It's completely unedited... BTW, can't tell here, but my walls are cranberry, not purple... Anyhow, she had a bit of a fit about wearing a really cute purple dress to school, so we ended up with this skirt & shirt. She picks today to decide to care about what she is wearing! :-) Isn't that just the way kids are... deciding your plans are not their plans - I guess I need to remember that part of parenting is about teaching your kids to be independent!

This is her "mom please stop taking my picture" look. It's not the best pic, but it's the only one I got where she wasn't standing weird, pretending to look at me, looking at the ceiling, you know typical kid pictures...

For anyone who missed it, I recently posted about organizing and finding your digi supplies here.

Here's your list!

Free Digital Scrapbook Kits & Paper Packs: Pink Paradise Boys Chocoholic add on Butterfly Freebie Sapphire Paper Wallpaper Memories Numbers & Construction Blueberry Crème Ribbons Baseball papers Boys Adventures The Leaf Sweetness Fall Festival Back to Nature Sampler January Mini Kit Luck Jade Elephant Link Family History Freebie What Little Boys Are Made of Paper Fall Fern Tendresse Xavier

Free Layered Templates:

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Free PSP & Photoshop Tutorials, Tips & Tricks: Lots of tips & Tricks here including how to wrap a ribbon Short cut Keys

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Other Fab Freebie Finds: Brushes Word Art (be sure to leave a comment with what you are thankful for!) Neon Alpha Numbers Wrapped Up Spring Flurry Frame Word Art Arrows Blossoms Alpha Textures Word Art

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Now where did I put that...

Now where did I put that new kit... button... brad... etc? How many times do you ask yourself this question when you scrap? If you are like me, you ask it a lot!

I was looking at my Downloaded Kits folder last night, and I have amassed an amazing 16 G (no, that's not a typo) of Downloaded Freebies - this does not include actions or free software, templates or quick pages - it shocked me! And, it explained completely why I could never find the one perfect thing I was looking for. I could never find the stitches, or frame I had been thinking about using. It's hard to be an organized digi scrapper. I don't break up my kits into separate folders because I want to know where to give credit, when due, and I may want to use coordinating pieces. I have 878 separate kit folders (all freebies) in this Download folder. It takes forever to find that one perfect thing.

I found a solution that works for me, and since I have had a LOT of people ask me about this I thought I would share it with you. I use a free program from Google called Picassa. I know there are others out there (ACDSee, it is not free) but I'm really happy with Picassa.
This is how it works. You Download the software (use the "Organize Your Photos. Google Pack" link above. Google Picassa is listed on the DL page, you can deselect the other options if you want). Run it the first time and let it look for your kits, or point it to your download folder. After the first time, it will automatically check and update for you. Once you have done that, you can type your key word into the green search box on the top right corner. In the example I used below, I typed in "Buttons". (Click on pic for better view)

It took .0012 seconds to display 264 files with the word "button" in the file name. Cool, right? Most designers name the files with their name, and what the file is, so you can easily search with out having to do any other work. Of course, there are some that are not specific files names, and you can add your own Key words to make these show up in searches.

You can scroll through the items very quickly. Once you find the item you need, you can right click on it and direct it to open in your editing software. Saves me oodles of time finding that perfect set of stitches!

Now, one other tip I have about this is that if after you load all of your images into Picassa, and you find that it has loaded all of your images into the program. You may only want to use it to look at your digi stuff. You can easily remove any other files (such as photos) from Picassa. It will NOT delete them from your hard drive. Select the file on the left side and right click on it. Select "Remove from Picassa".

Try it, it's free, and you may just find it saves you some time the next time you are wondering, "now where did I put that...."
You can download Google Picassa at the top of this column by clicking on "Organize your Photos. Google Pack". On the download page, make sure Picassa is checked (you can uncheck the other items if you like).
BTW, I spent some time last night deleted older kits & things that I just know I won't use - now I'm down to 15 G!
Here is your list for today:

Free Digital Scrapbook Kits & Paper Packs: Color Challenge Island Watercolors Summers Meadow Color Your Own School Kit The Leaf Wild Child Kit Sampler Suburban Boy All Aboard Funky Fall Allure Mini Add on USA Glitters

Free Layered Templates:

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Free PSP & Photoshop Tutorials, Tips & Tricks: Color Trends & Tools List Creating Stickers & A Freebie

CT Calls:

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Monday, September 10, 2007



Just wanted to let you know, Shutterfly is having free shipping on your order (for new members)until Wednesday (9/12/07). Click the link in my sidebar for more info!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Having a heart attack here!

Okay, today was my first day sitting my friends' kids – I have to say it was great. The kids were all really good. They played really well together, they listened to me (amazing!), they entertained each other. It was great to see them encourage each other and work as a team for things like going on the "big potty" & picking up toys. It was funny to see that neither of the older 2 wanted to be "outdone" by the other. They would race to the potty, ate their lunch in a normal amount of time, picked up toys quickly to be the first to check out who got to pick the stories & a (short) movie. Kinda made my job much easier!

I quite a few laughs, as I did not expect a few things. The baby was napping, so I took the older 3 outside to play and it was HOT! I think it was up to 90 degrees by 10:30 – CRAZY! So they wanted to play in the kiddie pool. I told them that we had to go upstairs to get changed into swimsuits. We get one step into the door (it's the kitchen), and my DD & the little boy starting getting undressed right there. I was not prepared for this, so I asked DD to go into use the potty and started to lead the little boy (ok, I'm using LB for him…) up the stairs to find something to wear. He veers into the bathroom as she gets off the potty, and stands next to it and starts to pee! So, I move her over to the sink, and stand between them. He hops up on the bench and they both wash their hands. He runs up the stairs with his blankie covering "things" up. DD says to me LB pees standing up from his belly button! Thank Goodness she did not ask any questions about it. I do not have boys, and am honest with my kids, in age appropriate language, but was totally unprepared for this one!

I did mention a Heart Attack didn't I??? Well, before the kids were dropped of this am, I was changing DD2's diaper, and DD1 had just turned on the light to the bathroom across the hall. All of a sudden, the lights start to flicker, and then get dim. Strange.. I thought maybe we had too many things turned on on the same circuit, so I turned off the light. Then I notice all of the lights in the house are dim. We were having a brown out, and then the power went off completely! Not a huge deal, there was enough sunlight coming in that we could see just fine. It did mean that I had to light the gas stove to heat the baby's bottle – this completely scared me – terrified going to burn my eyebrows off (don't laugh at me, it happened to my cousin once!) Still totally manageable day.

Now, fast forward to after kids were picked up. I came down to my PC to check my email, blog, etc, and I CAN'T TURN THE PC ON!!! Now I'm scared that it's completely fried. I check the surge protector – flip it off then back on and it shoots sparks at me! So, I call DH at work in a panic, and does he think it's all gone, can he fix? Etc. Of course, he's not sure and will look at it when he gets home. So now I'm pacing for an hour, what if I lost photos from this summer?? I have the ones from both of our vacations on my camera still, so not worried about those, but you know, your scrappers too, pictures mean so much – esp when your kids are little. I'm really very good about backing up my photo's and LO's at least once a month, but I was getting due to do it again.

DH gets home and immediately I'm on his case about checking it for me. THANK GOD it was just the power supply that had been fried. ALL OF MY THINGS WERE OK!!! Amazing!

Okay, so now here is my PSA – please, please, please back up your stuff, burn it to CD's, find an on line storage site, or an external hard drive – something, cause you never know…

I also wanted to talk about a question I get often, organizing & (more importantly) finding your stuff! But, I'm feeling I'm already long winded here so I'll save for another day. And, "anonymous" I will also answer your question as to why I dislike Walmart so much. I do want to choose my words very carefully, because I do not want to offend the average employee that works there, or the people that do shop there. My issues are with how the company is managed & their ethics. So, I'll save that for another day too.

Ok, thanks for sticking with me here's your reward:

Free Digital Scrapbook Kits & Paper Packs: Last Summer Days Too Cute to Spook Freebie Freebie Paper Pack September Glow Unadorned Timeless Sampler Cowboy up Plaque Chocoholic Overlay Brown Time Cradled Mini Kit I know My… Kit Small Autumn University Papers Football Papers Citrus Blast Painted Cardboard Spring Kit MJB Colors Frog Princess Halloween Mega Kit The leaf Fairy Dust Reflections Paper Pack Falling Autumn Groovy Girl Teens Opulence What Was I Thinking? All Aboard Overlay Allure Crazy Autumn Little Tyke Rough

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Thanks so much to all of the wonderful designers that make these freebies. I do appreciate all of the hard work you put into them and your generosity in giving them away.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Did you know I’m…

Did you know I'm a huge klutz???? Seriously, my husband has actually forbid me from carrying laundry baskets up and down our stairs, because I have fallen multiple times – in each direction, I might add. I'm constantly finding mysterious bruises, or stubbing my toes.


Why am I telling you this? Because today I went to Walmart to return a ridiculously loud toy my DD got for a gift a while back. I've been avoiding the trip, cause I really dislike Walmart. Don't get me wrong, you can get good prices there on a lot of things, but I strongly disagree with their business practices, so I refuse to give them my money.


Anyhow, I went to return this toy, and desperately needed pull-ups for DD1 – we were completely out. (I tried underwear with her yesterday, and went through 4 pairs in 5 hours, ugh). I didn't want to have to stop at another store with both kids, so I just went back to get them. In my rush to get in and out of the store, I somehow managed to bang my little toe on the wheel of the cart so hard that I cracked the nail, and had blood running all over my flip flop (sorry to the squeamish!). I actually was laughing about it pretty hard cause I couldn't believe I could manage to do that – until the numbness wore off. I'm pretty sure it's broken. I bet I looked pretty funny hobbling over to the diapers with my 2 kiddies in tow!


I really need to ditch the flip flops for some sturdier – klutz-resistance shoes! LOL J


Back to that toy now – seriously, why on earth do toy manufactures make toys SO LOUD??? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind my kids playing with toys that make noise, but when you can hear them 2 rooms away, it's overkill, kwim? My MIL has a knack for picking out the loudest ones she can find for my kids. I would send them to her house for them to play with, but I'm wondering if they are actually loud enough to damage their hearing. I'm actually going to see if I can pawn some of my kids other really cute, but loud toys off on my neighbor – wait, I may still hear them in my living room…. I actually had to tape a fabric "muffler" over the speaker of one of my kids Dora toys, just so they could still play with it. You know it's loud when they complain!


List, enjoy:


Free Digital Scrapbook Kits & Paper Packs: Add on (reg may be required) Spring Cool Cats Sampler (reg may be required) Craizee Daizie Overlay Texas A & M and Notre Dame Junior Kit Tequila Mini School's Cool Boys Stuff Hoola Whoop Mellow Breeze English Summer Mini Kit Hump Day Freebie MJB Colors Frog Princess The Leaf Warm Winter French Social & Stunning Stamps Collection English Tea Paper What was I thinking? Army Add on Tendresse Part 5 Anniversary Freebie


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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day! We went to my mom's yesterday for a cookout. Everything was so yummy. I'm seriously going to miss grilling out when winter comes. We had some wine & soaked in the hot tub – yup, even on an 80 degree day. Well actually, I did not have the wine in the hot tub, learned BC (Before children) that this is a BAD combo! (ARK, I better not see any comments about Chinese food here!) Rambling – sorry! Anyhow, it was a nice relaxing day – great to spend the time with my family.


So tomorrow starts my new crazy fall schedule. I'm excited & nervous. I'm excited to have playmates for my kiddies, to watch that new baby (need that baby fix ya know!), I'm excited for DD1 to start preschool. I think it will be so good for her. She loves learning, and it will be great for her to make some new friends. Most of my friends kids are a bit older, and most of them are boys. Almost all of the kids on our street are boys too. We do have 2 new baby girls on the street, (yay), but they are too young to play with my kids right now. I'm nervous about having 4 little ones in my house at the same time, keeping up with the house work, and making sure that I have a bit of time for me (it's good for my sanity). I know it's all going to work out somehow, but I guess I have gotten used to doing things at the girls pace & going where we want, when we want to.


Okay – kiddies are getting up, and will be needing breakfast soon. So, I better get going – we may make a trip to the zoo or a park on our "last day of freedom!"


Here is your list:


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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Check this Out!

Have you heard about the latest charity kit / challenge? A bunch of fine designers have put together a beautiful kit to benefit the Alliance for Climate Protection. The kit is beautiful, and it is for a great cause. You can find the info here: . They have one link you can use to register for the challenge & another if you want to just support the cause. It's a HUGE kit, and it's only $10.



DigiScrap Boutique Blog Party Mega Kit:

(sorry if I missed anyone here – there were a few links that didn't work)


Free Digital Scrapbook Kits & Paper Packs: Betty Love Adrian Clowning Around Papers Rustic Beauty hand Printed Papers Shabby Pumpkin Starry Freebie Overlay Googleye Mini Kit Doggie Themed Mini Kit Whisper Softly The Leaf Ubergrunge Freebie Dianthus Daydreams From This Moment Overlay Alexis


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