Thursday, September 6, 2007

Did you know I’m…

Did you know I'm a huge klutz???? Seriously, my husband has actually forbid me from carrying laundry baskets up and down our stairs, because I have fallen multiple times – in each direction, I might add. I'm constantly finding mysterious bruises, or stubbing my toes.


Why am I telling you this? Because today I went to Walmart to return a ridiculously loud toy my DD got for a gift a while back. I've been avoiding the trip, cause I really dislike Walmart. Don't get me wrong, you can get good prices there on a lot of things, but I strongly disagree with their business practices, so I refuse to give them my money.


Anyhow, I went to return this toy, and desperately needed pull-ups for DD1 – we were completely out. (I tried underwear with her yesterday, and went through 4 pairs in 5 hours, ugh). I didn't want to have to stop at another store with both kids, so I just went back to get them. In my rush to get in and out of the store, I somehow managed to bang my little toe on the wheel of the cart so hard that I cracked the nail, and had blood running all over my flip flop (sorry to the squeamish!). I actually was laughing about it pretty hard cause I couldn't believe I could manage to do that – until the numbness wore off. I'm pretty sure it's broken. I bet I looked pretty funny hobbling over to the diapers with my 2 kiddies in tow!


I really need to ditch the flip flops for some sturdier – klutz-resistance shoes! LOL J


Back to that toy now – seriously, why on earth do toy manufactures make toys SO LOUD??? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind my kids playing with toys that make noise, but when you can hear them 2 rooms away, it's overkill, kwim? My MIL has a knack for picking out the loudest ones she can find for my kids. I would send them to her house for them to play with, but I'm wondering if they are actually loud enough to damage their hearing. I'm actually going to see if I can pawn some of my kids other really cute, but loud toys off on my neighbor – wait, I may still hear them in my living room…. I actually had to tape a fabric "muffler" over the speaker of one of my kids Dora toys, just so they could still play with it. You know it's loud when they complain!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Thank you for findind a great list and also thank you for adding me to.Wish you a good day hugs Lorri

Gini aka "MsGini" said...

Thanks for adding my template to your list today. It is really wonderful to be included and I get a whole bunch of visitors to my blog all the time from you! It's great to be on both ends! (Picking up other freebies here too!)

Youch with the toe story! I bruise easily too, but have never (knock on wood) had a broken bone that we know of. Sending you healing vibes...

Anonymous said...

What do you hate about Wal-Mart's business practices? I love the story of their beginnings and the way they represent just what can be done in America by practicing the free enterprise practices that are our heritage. I did privately boycot them for a few weeks last year when they announced they were using some of their profits to fund some pro-homosexual agenda association. Also when they took "Merry Christmas" out of their stores and off their ads and instructed their clerks (at least here locally) to say "Happy Holidays" instead. But they changed their mind on that after an outcry of requests, so I am back to liking them a little bit again :-)

Thanks for the nice list!

Lisa said...

Hope your toe is going to be okay!! Thanks for another wonderful list and have a great weekend!!