Saturday, September 8, 2007

Having a heart attack here!

Okay, today was my first day sitting my friends' kids – I have to say it was great. The kids were all really good. They played really well together, they listened to me (amazing!), they entertained each other. It was great to see them encourage each other and work as a team for things like going on the "big potty" & picking up toys. It was funny to see that neither of the older 2 wanted to be "outdone" by the other. They would race to the potty, ate their lunch in a normal amount of time, picked up toys quickly to be the first to check out who got to pick the stories & a (short) movie. Kinda made my job much easier!

I quite a few laughs, as I did not expect a few things. The baby was napping, so I took the older 3 outside to play and it was HOT! I think it was up to 90 degrees by 10:30 – CRAZY! So they wanted to play in the kiddie pool. I told them that we had to go upstairs to get changed into swimsuits. We get one step into the door (it's the kitchen), and my DD & the little boy starting getting undressed right there. I was not prepared for this, so I asked DD to go into use the potty and started to lead the little boy (ok, I'm using LB for him…) up the stairs to find something to wear. He veers into the bathroom as she gets off the potty, and stands next to it and starts to pee! So, I move her over to the sink, and stand between them. He hops up on the bench and they both wash their hands. He runs up the stairs with his blankie covering "things" up. DD says to me LB pees standing up from his belly button! Thank Goodness she did not ask any questions about it. I do not have boys, and am honest with my kids, in age appropriate language, but was totally unprepared for this one!

I did mention a Heart Attack didn't I??? Well, before the kids were dropped of this am, I was changing DD2's diaper, and DD1 had just turned on the light to the bathroom across the hall. All of a sudden, the lights start to flicker, and then get dim. Strange.. I thought maybe we had too many things turned on on the same circuit, so I turned off the light. Then I notice all of the lights in the house are dim. We were having a brown out, and then the power went off completely! Not a huge deal, there was enough sunlight coming in that we could see just fine. It did mean that I had to light the gas stove to heat the baby's bottle – this completely scared me – terrified going to burn my eyebrows off (don't laugh at me, it happened to my cousin once!) Still totally manageable day.

Now, fast forward to after kids were picked up. I came down to my PC to check my email, blog, etc, and I CAN'T TURN THE PC ON!!! Now I'm scared that it's completely fried. I check the surge protector – flip it off then back on and it shoots sparks at me! So, I call DH at work in a panic, and does he think it's all gone, can he fix? Etc. Of course, he's not sure and will look at it when he gets home. So now I'm pacing for an hour, what if I lost photos from this summer?? I have the ones from both of our vacations on my camera still, so not worried about those, but you know, your scrappers too, pictures mean so much – esp when your kids are little. I'm really very good about backing up my photo's and LO's at least once a month, but I was getting due to do it again.

DH gets home and immediately I'm on his case about checking it for me. THANK GOD it was just the power supply that had been fried. ALL OF MY THINGS WERE OK!!! Amazing!

Okay, so now here is my PSA – please, please, please back up your stuff, burn it to CD's, find an on line storage site, or an external hard drive – something, cause you never know…

I also wanted to talk about a question I get often, organizing & (more importantly) finding your stuff! But, I'm feeling I'm already long winded here so I'll save for another day. And, "anonymous" I will also answer your question as to why I dislike Walmart so much. I do want to choose my words very carefully, because I do not want to offend the average employee that works there, or the people that do shop there. My issues are with how the company is managed & their ethics. So, I'll save that for another day too.

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Have a wonderful weekend!


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Gini aka "MsGini" said...

Good for you using correct terminology with the kiddos! Some of the made up names are some of the craziest! If this is what happened on the first day then you sure should get ready for answering questions though!!

Thanks for adding the next installment of my Football kit here for folks to find!