Monday, September 24, 2007

I’m feeling like my life is moving way to quick these days – leaving me with little time to get everyday things done. DH helped me clean up most of the house this weekend. He’s really good about this, but I always feel bad if he has to help me get it done, because I’m a SAHM, and that’s part of the reason I’m home – NOT that he expects me to do it all, but if there’s not much left to do on the weekend, we can spend more time doing fun family things.

Now that the seasons are changing (sorta – it’s supposed to be 94 tomorrow – not normal for these parts!) it’s time to put away my DDs summer clothes, and clothes that don’t fit. I’ve also got a very full laundry basket of clean clothes for each of them than need to be put away. I actually like packing away the clothes, because it make me think of wonderful memories of my kids. I HATE to put away my kids laundry – it seams to take so long – partly because their clothes are so small that I can fit a zillion outfits in one load of wash J I’m having trouble finding time to do this. I babysit from 7am -6pm MWF, & TR’s are Preschool & running errands – PO, bank, grocery store. After I’m done babysitting, I’ve got to rush to get dinner on the table, clean up the kitchen, pick up toys, pack bags for the next day, give the kids a bath and get them into bed by 8. I’ve got plenty of time after the kids go to bed, but, ummm, they are in bed… sigh.

My neighbor keeps hinting that she wants to come over and spend some time with the girls, so I may see if I can get it done then. I do have to say that that little chart I made for my DD1 to help her get going in the morning is working WONDERS! She loves it. She says “mom, I’ve got to do my chart”. And she does, every morning – love it! It makes my morning so much easier. We used to spend almost an hour getting the 2 girls ready because of their super slow toddler type paces – but now, we are at about 15 minutes! I’m actually so happy with the results of it, I made another one for DD2. She’s a bit young to do it on her own, but she keeps putting stickers on DD1’s chart, and saying “I go potty too” (could this be a sign she may train earlier than DD1? – A mother can dream can’t she????)

So, here is the Chart I made for DD 2. I used “Frog Princess” by Angela Niehaus, and my Reward Chart Template:

Speaking of dreams – I’m known to have some really messed up ones – especially if I eat late at night, or have too much caffeine that day. Last night I had an awful one. First, I went to be late, and was quite tired, but couldn’t fall asleep. I finally did around 12:30ish. I woke up at 1:00 after a dream that someone was in my DD’s room trying to take her. So, of course I panic, and run into her room – all is fine – just a dream. But I can’t shake the ickiness, and check on both of my kids at least a dozen times even though I have a really good baby monitor for them, and my house is SMALL! So I wake up DH and tell him about the dream. He insists that I do this, because, according to him, it will keep the dream from coming true. Now it’s about 2:30 am. I finally fall back to sleep, to have both DH and I woken by a very loud something. We both panic, and run to check on the girls. They are fine, but then I hear this noise – similar to the one our house alarm makes when you open the door – so panic again (seriously a miracle that this paranoid mama did not have heart failure last night!) So, DH arms himself (not with a gun) and goes down to check all out. Everything was fine, but not sure what that noise was. I think we finally went to bed at 3:00 and had to be up at 5:30. So sleepy….

I can tell you about another time this sort of thing happened to me, it was actually pretty funny. I woke up once in the middle of the night, and went into the bathroom. When I came back, I saw something – or someone out of the corner of my sleepy eyes. So I lean over to my husband and tell him I think someone is in our room. He leaps out of bed, and stands with his back to the corner, and is jumping all over (in his boxers) to try to figure out what it is I see. Then I realize… realize that I am an idiot. So as I am laughing hysterically, I tell him, sorry babe, it was just MY REFLECTION IN THE MIRROR! LOL Isn’t that too funny! Poor guy – the things I put him through…

Wow, this is getting to be a seriously long post, I’ll try to wrap it up, and then give ya the list. Did I mention I’ve got 4 kids here all day – I guess I just need to hear myself say something not related to the preschool set.

Okay, one last thing. A while back, I posted about the fact that I dislike Walmart, and I try my absolute best to avoid shopping there. I had a couple of people ask why I do not like Walmart. Here is a really good article that explains some of their business practices, and many of the reasons why I do not like them. It is a long article, but one I really think is worth reading.

If you’ve finished reading all that, you really deserve this list – I hope you’ve got some time left to check them out!

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Natalie Malan said...

Omigosh. The part about you seeing yourself in the mirror in the middle of the night.....hysterical! And totally something I would do too!

jennymary said...

Thank you for this great list,HSG

Hummie said...

I know what you mean about time going by too quickly....I cannot keep up! That chart is just adorable...I wish I had scrapping skills when my boys were little....and when I ran the home daycare.

Rachel said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hates putting away the kids laundry. I constantly have a basket or two starring me down. I just give it a dirty look and keep on Its change of season time here too and I started going through the kids clothes about hmmm 3-4 weeks ago. Guess I should finish that project. Thats too funny about the mirror thing. I've done that a few times myself.
It is amazing how the time flies. Love your posts keep em coming!