Thursday, October 25, 2007

Case of the Sillies

I just had to post this because it was so funny. Tonight at dinner my DD2 made her first "joke" . She speaks really well for her age. It goes like this:

DD2 - "Daddy, was that sound?" as she puts her hand to her ear like she's listening.
Daddy - "I don't know, what's that sound?"
DD2 - "I donno"..."Daddy, was that sound?"
Daddy - "I don't know, what's that sound?"
DD2 - "It's a elepant". Then she pulls her bottom lip over her top and sticks out her chin and makes her "elephant" noise (I know you're all trying this - hahaha!) Then she starts laughing so hard that she has tears coming down her face! So of course the rest of us start laughing. She thinks she the little entertainer now, so she has repeated it at least 10 times - cracks her up each time!


Danielle said...

cute story, thank you for sharing. Aren't kids just too funny!

Anonymous said...

Kids are just too cuuute! :)

Melanie said...

too cute! I remember my daughter's first joke...she heard the one about
"what did the waiter say to the frog?" "you want flies with that?"
She thought it was hilarious and continued to tell the joke over and over only inserting random objects where "flies" went...such a comedian =)