Friday, October 5, 2007

Guess what?

I'm so excited! My sister called me tonight with 2 wonderful bits of info – first, she's watching my kiddies tomorrow so DH & I can go on a date (yea!) and second, her boyfriend thinks he can get me a not-to-be-passed-up-deal on PSCS3! If he can, I could just kiss this boy! Hee hee, he might be completely freaked out by that, he's a bit shy :-) Now, AK, I tried to call you to tell you this first, so don't think I'm cheating on ya by posting on my blog first.

If I get PSCS3, DH is going to have to do a major overhaul on this little PC we've got. It's a few years old, and could use it. It's actually starting to groan when I use actions in PSE 5.0. LOL! Seriously, I am just giddy (did I just use that word? Do people really use this word????) with excitement. My mom called me and asked what's new. After I told her, she said she has no idea what that is, but that it must be very exciting because I didn't even take a breath when I told her!

I've had a bunch of folks ask me where I get my LO's printed. So, I thought I'd post it here for all of you. I print all of my pages at I've tried a couple of places and not been very happy with the results. But I love They use Kodak paper – it's thick & sturdy. The colors are wonderful. The prices are very good. It's $3.49 per 12x12 page, and there is a flat rate shipping fee of $2.00 per order. They also do as small as 4x4 & as large as 16x16 (might be fun for some wall art). I have not used Shutterfly yet, because I am not organized enough to get a book full of LO's in the right order! I have however seen several of their photobooks, and think the quality is wonderful!

Okay I'm off to watch Grey's Anatomy & Dr. McDreamy now. I missed it last night.

Here is your list:

Free Digital Scrapbook Kits & Paper Packs: Rustic Autumn Add on Vintage Heritage Freebie Mini Meander Kit Wait October Freebie Purrfect Thoughts of Yesterday Spooky Treats I miss Summer Autumn Halloween Paisley Papers Papers Simply Fall Dorian Sampler Color Foundations Freebie Punk Kit Elements Raspberry Goodness Overlay Old Rose Sweet Wasabi Halloween Daily Download Survived – Scrap Pink Daily Download Delicious Berry Blue Falling for Autumn Fun & Games Little Frank Fun Freebie Autumn Glory Harvest

Free Layered Templates:

Freebie Quick Pages:

Free PSP & Photoshop Tutorials, Tips & Tricks: Rough Pastel Filter Photo Impact Tutorial- removing an alpha from a page of Alphas

Tools of the Trade:

CT Calls:

Other Fab Freebie Finds: Flower Alpha Halloween Hearts Big & Colorful Flowers Starry Shines Card Ensembles Charms Word Art Frame Butterflies Frame – scroll down to her next post for a great story Happy Halloween Calendar Halloween Frame Collection of Monograms Frame Winter Wonderland

Have a great weekend!


Carey said...

Thanks for always posting these great links! I love your site. I just recommended it to a friend who's getting started in digi scrapbooking. Hope you get your deal!

Andrea said...

Thanks for the printing hookup!! I had some stuff printed up for my mom, I forget where, and shipped it ended up being like $30. So I'm very happy to hear about scrapbookpictures! Also, thanks once again for listing my freebie! LOVE your list!

Rachel said...

woohoo on the datenite and psc3!! I'm only a little jealous! Have fun!

Lorri said...

Hi Thank you for a great list.And thank you for adding me to.Wish you a good week-end a big hug Lorri

Jenny said...

I just wanted to let you know that I had a new kit and quickpage posted at