Friday, October 12, 2007


Yuck! Sickness has hit our house. We started with colds and runny noses. Now DD 1 started throwing up (sorry to be gross) last night. Didn't she have to pick my bed to do it too. Poor thing, I really feel terrible for her. I'm starting to feel a bit queasy myself, so I'm thinking that I will not be getting to those freebies today.

Designers - please feel free to link your freebies in my CBox (sidebar).
Everyone Else - check the CBox - I see some there already - thank you thank you thank you... or feel free to look back at lists you may have missed.

Hopefully, I'll be back with a new list soon.

Oh yeah, I did promise Shari I'd list her freebie. Here is the link to some beautiful Felt Flowers for the Fall. .

Here's one more I found in my Email - It's for Breast Cancer Awareness:

Take care!


Starr-Ky. said...

awww i'm sorry ur babies and you aren't feeling well...hope you all feel better lost of rest **hugsss**

Sansai said...

The Domino Family Sick Week. Yeah I've always dreaded that time. Plenty of liquids and rest. Take care and hope ya'll feel better soon.

Rachel said...

Sorry everyone's feeling sick this week. That's pits. Hang in there and get well soon!

Sharon said...

Sorry you and your family are sick! The stomach bug can be the worst! Get lots of rest! I appreciate your work!
Hope to see you up and around soon!

Barb W said...

Feel better soon!

Miss j said...

I hope you all get better fast! It is so hard when everybody gets sick.

Anonymous said...

Hi.Sorry to hear you and your family are sick.I wish you all a better soon.Hugs Lorri

Fayth said...

Aww, I hope everyone gets better!!