Saturday, November 24, 2007


I did some Black Friday Shopping and got some really good deals. My best deal was on a NEW COMPUTER!!! I am so, so, so happy to have gotten this. Mine current HD is 96% full. I don't think I'll even have room to put any pictures on it from Christmas this year. So, the timing is great. We got a new Acer computer with 160G HD, new monitor, and printer, virus software & router for $229!

I do have to say, I'll never try this again. Here's what happened. I saw the ad for it in Thursday's paper. I decided that I'd go wait at Circuit City at 1:00am Friday to get it. (I'm sure they only had 7-15 of them). Then I went to my moms' that afternoon. My Uncle - who is the king of Black Friday Shopping told me if I really wanted it, I'd better be there by 9:00pm Thursday. So, my mother and I went at 8:15 to get in line. I was #7 - great shot at getting that PC!

So, we're sitting there, chatting with the folks in line, freezing - yes, it was snowing pretty good. and at about 10:15, the mall's security company came around and told us we could not wait there, we were trespassing and had to leave. We couldn't come back until 4:00 am. We told him that the store would be handing out vouchers at 3:00. He told us if we did not leave he'd call the police. We couldn't wait in the parking lot, we'd have to move our cars off the mall property. Or, we could go sit in the bar that was right next to Circuit City, until they closed at 2:00, then we'd have to leave. We didn't leave, police came, said we'd be arrested - umm ARRESTED?? - we went to the bar.

So now, we're in the bar, drinking Pepsi, all bundled up for the snow - boy didn't I look cute in my Dad's Carhart Jacket & my mom's snow pants, and sisters winter boots (I left from my folks house & borrowed gear), sitting in this bar! LOL! :-) We'd made some friends in line, and sat with them in the bar. More folks piled in all evening. People were getting drunk. The news channels came, my mother got interviewed twice. The whole time I'm thinking I'm never going to beat these people in the mad dash to the door to get that computer, I should just go home. But someone always convinced me to stay.

At 2:30 the bar kicked everyone out. We were told to wait in our cars, because 1.) They didn't want the drunk people to drive, and 2.) it was now a bit icy, and they were afraid that if they made us leave, there would be alot of accidents at 4:00 as cars raced to get the door. They also decided we could line up at 3:00. At 2:50 the mad dash began. I was smooshed up by the door with a group of about 80 people - the other couple hundred lined up behind us on the sidewalk. 2 people were throwing up (they were in the bar too - yuck!)

At 4:00 the police & security people backed the line of people up and started pulling people out of the group by tens and lining us up. People in the back of the group ended up in the back of the line. I think I was about 75th in line now and so sad, certain I'd not have a shot at that computer.

But, 2 of the people we'd met in the original line had remembered what it was that I had wanted and GOT ME A VOUCHER FOR IT!!! Isn't that amazing??? I am so thankful for these kind hearted strangers. I literally cried. I got my computer! I was shocked & overjoyed.

I know that we could not have afforded to buy a more expensive computer right now, or in the near future. So this was the only way I'd get one unless my folks bought me one for Christmas - which I don't think would have happened.

After Circuit City, I was dead tired, so mom & I went to Starbucks for breakfast then decided to go to Toys R Us. Got a bunch of shopping done there and went to Target. I've not stayed up all night in quite a few years. I was dead tired! So, we called it a day and went home to bed.

Did you go shopping on Black Friday?? What kind of deals did you get??


Alisha said...

Oh, Sweetie! I am so glad the people you met earlier remembered what you wanted! God has the neatest ways of looking out for us, doesn't He? So many times things "just happen" like that and I always know it's Him looking out! I didn't get out early but went after lunch and they still had the craft table I wanted for my mom, so I got what I wanted after all, too! Hope you have a wonderful day!

CaliChris said...

Oh my gosh...unbelievable. I gave up that standing in line thing a few years ago...I was up and in line at 3:30...with 50 ppl in front of me. When they open the door at 5am. Ppl came from the sides and got in ahead of me...100s
The end, I will never ...ever do that again. LOL I hardly shop that day anyways, Glad you got your computer, you deserve it!

katg1006 said...

Wow...I never go out on Black Friday because to be honest I am scared *LOL* Those people were so fabulous for thinking of you!! Congratulations!

Ms. Kari - RelocatedDixieGirl said...

That's so awesome you got your new computer!!! See, there are some good people left in the world!

Carolyn said...

OH what a story!!! That's kinda crazy that they made you leave... I mean that's pretty much become part of the whole spirit of Black Friday (the waiting in line for the store to open LOL) I'm SOOOO glad you got your computer (without getting arrested) and that truly is kind that some perfect strangers would do such a kind thing. That warms my heart.

MsGini said...

What an adventure! The best I've done was a couple of years ago I was up and at the store on Friday before 5am and since then I just don't have the energy to do it! Good for you getting your computer at that awesome price! I'm so envious!

Tim said...

Sounds like you got a good deal, but you may not have enough memory as the cheaper machines do not have enough. Check out and they have a checker that will check it on line and tell you how much your machine limit is and then give you a price. It is easy to install. I have new memory in the mail now which will make mine 2 GB. The photo programs use up lots of memory namely PSE 5 which I have, but now that I have 2 GB on the desktop, and will soon have 2 GB on the laptop. We use both of them all the time.