Thursday, November 15, 2007


Did you ever have one of those DUH! moments? You know, the why didn't I think of that sooner moments. Today, I was trolling the web looking for some fun brushes and had one of those DUH moments!


Anyone who collects brushes knows it can be a pain to find just the right one when you need it. I have a brush viewer, but am not really impressed by it. I was thinking that I would take each of my brush sets and create a jpg file with each brush in the set so I could easily view it. But, ummm….I've got a LOT of brushes and the thought of actually completing this task didn't rank high on my to do list.


So today, as I 'm adding to my brush collection (here comes the DUH moment) I realized that I don't have to make this file myself. In most cases the designer of the brushes offers up a preview of the brushes. I just needed to right click on the preview and save it in the same folder as the abr (brush) file. So, before I load my brush into photoshop, I can view the preview at any size, zoom in, whatever. Now, I've just got to find those brushes again to get the previews :-)


Something else I've been doing lately? I've been organizing my layered templates. My scrapping process is first, find the pictures I want to scrap, then arrange them on the page, and add papers & elements. Pretty simple. I've been a bit pressed for time lately, so I've been looking for templates to help me get those creative juices flowing. I've got over 100 templates (I know, if you read this blog regularly, you know this file could be MUCH larger, lol). Here's where the trouble comes in. I've got 2 pictures to scrap, and have to look through over 100 templates to find just the right one – pain in the keester!


So, I've been sorting my templates into smaller folders. I'm organizing them by the number of photos each template can hold.

I've got folders for :

  • 1 photo
  • 2-3 photos
  • 4-5 photos
  • 6 or more photos (yup there's a few out there!)
  • 2 page LO's
  • Card Templates


Is this a bit obsessive?? Maybe, but, I'm hoping it will help me scrap faster :-)


Okay now for another update on my family… I'm about to put us into quarantine, LOL! We are still sick, and not really seeing and immediate end to it. I've been obsessive about hand washing & sanitizer, but it's not helping. In the past 3 weeks, we've ALL had colds, I've had a stomach virus, DD2 had Croup, DD1 now has pink eye & a double ear infection. Doc says DD2 will most likely get the pink eye, and 80% of kids under 5 who have pink eye will get an ear infection – wonderful! My kids have been absolute troopers with all the sickness. Thanks so much to everyone who has posted or emailed me to wish us all a speedy recovery – it's really appreciated.



I also want to thank everyone who left me wonderful comments about my free quick pages and Little Pumpkin Kit. I'm working on another kit, but my vision of it and my ability to actually make it look that way don't quite match – so it's taking me a while to figure it out. I'm sure al the designers out there can think remember this from when they first started out! :-)


Since this is the longest post I've had in weeks, I'll stop now, and post the project I've been working on next time…


Okay I'll stop talking now, and give you that list! Have a great day, and don't forget to leave some love!



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kathybaug said...

I totally agree with how you are arranging your templates. I did the same thing. And let me tell you: thank you, thank you for introducing me to Picasa. What a difference it has made in my digital scrapbooking! Also thanks for Virtual Photographer and I love all that you do to make digital scrapbooking enjoyable for all of us.

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by! Sorry to hear your kids are still so sick :(
Thanks for the tip on templates! thats a great idea! I'm just starting my template collection so I'll get those folders organzied right away before they get too out of hand.
Good luck with that new kit. I know exactly what you mean about getting an idea out of your head and having it look the same on the pc. Not as easy as one might think.

Take care! And thanks for the list!

Alisha said...

God bless you! I am so sorry you and your babies have been sick. That always seems to be the way it goes with me and mine too! Hope you guys feel better soon, and I am so thankful for the wonderful tips and great list!! Lots of love!

AneczkaW said...

I hope your kids are getting better.

Lily said...

Wow, what a cool way to start organizing those templates! Cool tip! Great freebie list as well!

Geez, I sure do hope your kiddos start getting better!!

Mandi said...

1st I want to say thanks for all the freebies you find and give us. There are so many, I don't think I've ever completed a list. So thanks a bunch. Also, I understand where you are coming from. I'm doing the same thing with organizing. I love those sub-folders!

Anonymous said...

Hi,i hope your kids are feeling better.Thank you for your wonderful list and thank you for your great tips.
Take care and wish you a good day and a buon week-end hugs Lorri

fl_connie said...

Thanks for the lists - always! And all the tips! I have my templates arranged basically that same way, but because I LOVE templates, I have lots & lots. When I add one, I open it with irfanview and save it as a jpg image with the SAME name as the template. That way, if I sort the view by name - I can see the previews right next to the psd file. I find this is faster for me than renaming the preview if it is not the exact same name, which it usually isn't.

Jill D-Zines said...

Sorry your kiddos (and you!) have been sick - not fun at all! Hope you all feel better in time for Thanksgiving!

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by my blog! :) No need at all to feel sorry for not doing the contest - I think the lack of participation was partly because I didn't promote it enough, and possibly partly because the upcoming holiday season gets us ALL extra busy with all kinds of stuff. I would have loved to have seen a bigger number, but it's totally not a big deal. I know there are always SOOoo many things going on in digi-land, and people have pick and choose what works best for them. (I do the same thing!) :) I may try another one sometime after Christmas, when people are stuck at home in a blizzard!! LOL!

Great tip on the templates -I do this too - probably a carry-over from when I paper-scrapped and sometimes used Becky Higgins sketches - she arranges them like that in her book/magazines as well - and it is SUPER helpful! I'm the same way as you - I start with a specific group of photos in mind, so I need something for THAT exact number - and I must have a zillion templates as well - I'm a true addict! LOL!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!