Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Scrap Girl Freebies List!

Here are some new freebies from my friends at :

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy DSD!!!

I just wanted to pop real quick with a DSD post. I've not been feeling very well the last few days. I think I may have the flu, and my DD's have both had pink eye this week - so we are having a LOT of fun here, LOL!

OK, quick post -

ScrapMatters is celebrating DSD with a 30% off sale for MOST items...

I've got some new items in the shop this week - first is Kelly's Apple Farm - on sale for 30% off!

My fab CT put together some beautiful LO's. This first one is from Christine:
From Stacy (isn't that the cutest title & little apple eater, LOL!)

LO by Fran
This beautiful card is from Katie (wouldn't you like to get this in your mail ?)
This is also new in my shop this week:

LO by Stacy:
By Christy:
This one is from Fran:

I also wanted to show you these that are in my shop - they are not on sale - but are quite fun to use!

and since I've left you such a long post here's a freebie for you - I was featured on the DigiScrapChat blog this week and she passed out this freebie by me. Enjoy!

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Friday, October 24, 2008

New FREEBIE & an awesome List!

It's been a crazy week here at my house. We've had some of the strangest things happen. For example - I now need to go shopping for a new kitchen table. Why you ask? Well, it's an EXCELLENT reason to be a digi scrapper, LOL!

My DDs and I were sitting at the kitchen table a few days ago, and I had let my kids have a bunch of my old paper scrapping supplies - things that I'll never use. They usually just draw pictures on them, or glue stuff to them. After craft time, we had a snack. DD2 spilled my water on the table. I cleaned it up. Right before dinner I cleared off their completed artwork from the table and discovered that some of the spilled water ran under the table runner (not sure HOW that happened) and got one of the papers wet. NOW - if you were a paper scrapper, you might remember some of the claims of those paper companies - acid free, lignin free, fade resistant. Well the before-mentioned paper was a lovely bright (and I do mean BRIGHT) shade of pink. It left a wonderful bright (almost RED) stain on my kitchen table that I am (3 days later) still unable to remove!!!

Now, don't feel terrible the table is one we were given when we were married about 10 years ago from our friends who bought it in a garage sale 5 years before that. DH refinished it and we've talked about replacing it many times. It's a nice wood table, but it's a bit large for the space. We've always put it off because we know that our kids will trash it. Can I tell you how glad I am that we did, LOL!!! So now, I'm debating if I should just buy some placemats to cover the stain until the kids are a little bit older, or if we should start looking for something new. If anyone has any ideas on how to remove this stain that seems to have penetrated the finish and soaked right into the wood, I'd love to know. Re-finishing again is not an option, as the top is a venear that has been shaved pretty thin. I could paint it, but I just don't think it would look great...

Ok enough of my table saga - I'll try to post some pics in a few days..

I do have a new freebie for you! It matches some new 12x12 Worn Out Overlays that I just put in my shop. You can find out about both of them on my design blog (click the pic!)

here's the rest of your list! Enjoy :-)

This one is a blog hop from Digital Candy:

Last but not least, Erica made some beautiful papers using my new "Worn Out" Overlays:

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A few more freebies...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quick (but Fab!) List!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Freebie Time!

I took this little typing test today. Not bad, I think :-)

60 words


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