Friday, January 25, 2008

CT Call

It reads:
CT Requirements Are:
*a 6 month contract
*4 LOs a month*occasionally contribute to the Team Blog (as a writer, challenge host, etc.)
*participate in the forum and gallery
*and generally promote ScrapMatters (on your blogs and stuff like that)

You can apply for a spot by emailing the following to andilynn at scrapmatters dot com:
1) a link to your most complete and best gallery
2) a link to your blog or homepage
3) your username and a link to the site you are most active in
4) a short paragraph telling us a little about YOU

In return for all your work on the CT, you will get full access to our shop!! Here's a link to our shop to check out all of our wonderful designers work.

You have until Monday, February 11th to apply!! Can’t wait to hear from you!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Marathon Post & Lots of Freebies!

Okay, are you ready for a marathon post? This one might be pretty long :-)
First, I've got an announcement - I've got a new blog - or maybe I should say another blog... I've decided to start another blog to display my designs, offer my own personal freebies and show the pages you send me! You can find my new blog at : . Feel free to bookmark it. You can also click on the link in my sidebar. Don't worry, I'll still be keeping this freebies blog :-)

Now for the reason I'm announcing this today... I've just released a new kit at It's called "Inspire Me" . If you click on this preview, you'll be taken to my Design blog to find out more about the kit, and to DOWNLOAD A MATCHING FREE MINI-KIT!

Next on the agenda - is the ScrapMatters Team Blog. It is really kicking into high gear! Each day, there is a new topic, freebie, challenge, or tip. I'm really impressed by what I've learned so far just by checking it out. On "What Matters Monday" Brittney (Brittish Designs) posted a really fun treasure hunt. You can find it here:

Then on Tuesday, Teresa posted this really fun challenge to use blending modes..

She's giving away a free blending template that include some great tips on how to blend your photos into your page. Check it out, you get the template & there's a prize for one lucky winner!

Here's the LO I did for the challenge.

Credits are here.

My Goodness ScrapMatters seems to be giving away a whole list full of freebies!