Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No excuses & some LO Shares ...oh yeah & a Freebies List!

It's been quite a while since I've posted a freebies list. I could give you a million excuses as to why, but I won't because the fact is I just couldn't get to it. :-) But, I do have a killer list for you today. First, I've got a few LO's that I want to share.

This first one - I can't remember if I've posted it here before or not. (You can click on all of the LO's to see the credits or a larger view at my gallery)

Okay, not this one is actually a LO I made 3 years ago - it's really bad. But, I'm posting it because I participated in a "Do-Over" Challenge at ScrapMatters.com - and this was the one I chose to do over.

Here's my Redo - no stretched pics, bettter shadows, better design. (Click the pic to see the credits)

And I also made this LO using some of my new products, the pics are from my vacation to Ocean City, MD last year. (click the pic to see the credits)

Speaking of new products, I've got a grab bag for sale in my shop - I'm so excited for the reveal because I'm loving the new stuff thats in it! Grab it quick it goes back to the full price on Saturday! Want some hints??? Search the ScrapMatters.com Gallery for LO's newer than 7 days with "Happy Scrap Girl" in the search box . Our CT has been very busy with this grab bag, and have made some awesome LO's - THANK YOU LADIES!

Okay, here's your freebies lists...


Lisbet said...

If you need a new freebie - look into my blog. Feel free...


FabulousTerrah said...

we've missed you