Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh, what a day...

Today was one of those days - you know the ones where nothing goes right?? The kind where I makes me question if I'm following the right path for my life and doing what's best for my family- especially my children.

I won't go into all the details, but by 11:00, I had cleaned up throw up from 2 different children (only one of which was mine) and had been peed on (by my preschooler!!!). It really didn't get much better from there. I was tired and grumpy and much, much less patient with my children than I should have been. I was beginning to question my decision to stay home to raise my children instead of working and sending them to daycare like so many woman do.

By dinner I was so grumpy (which was less from my children's behavior & more from my reaction to it). That I told the girls we were all going to be early tonight. I had felt small and defeated and very tired. They didn't argue, we were eating late, and they were tired and grumpy and one of them was not feeling well.

After dinner, we picked up toys, played quietly for a few minutes and went up to brush our teeth. I was dreading this part because my youngest does not like to have her teeth brushed, and it is a daily battle - daily because it's something too important to just let go, and because she just gives us such a hard time.

Just as I was expecting the worst, my children surprised me. They listened to mommy's very tired voice the first time, with NO arguments. Teeth-brushing had not been this easy in a very long, long time. She even let me floss them, which was AMAZING!!! I decided to let them cuddle in my bed with me and watch the "dancing show". They love dancing with the stars. We cuddled up and snuggled in. DD1 (who was the sick one today) fell asleep a half hour in. DD2 stayed up much later than she should have, but I was just enjoying that time with her and let her stay up a bit later (she did take an unexpected 2 hour nap today).

After she went to bed, I went to the team blog to check out the post today, and was SMACKED in the face with an article that must have been written for me. It made me think about my priorities (my children), my commitments, and the path that I am on. I am just having a bad day, we all have them now and then. I'm happy being a SAHM and being the one that always gets to take care of my children when they are sick or hurt, or mad or happy. I GET all of the kisses and hugs and "I love you mommy" 's. Yes, sometimes I get peed on, have to clean up really gross messes and break up fights, but I'd have that if I worked someplace else too.

I am thankful for the opportunity to stay home. I am thankful that my husband supports that (both financially and emotionally). I'm willing to make the sacrifices that we need to do that - cable, fancy cell phones & I-pods, designer clothes, a new couch - well maybe not that last one - mine is really, really bad! :-)

I am thankful to Heather for writing this article to help me put my focus on my children, and still realize that it's OK to need time for me - it's finding that balance that's important. I know that search is constant. Here is the article that Heather wrote, read it - it's interesting, and applies to so much more than just scrapbooking.

If you made it to the end of this post - thanks so much for listening to me ramble!! I wish that I had a little freebie or a list to give you, but I am tired and am setting a boundary (for this tonight). So check my side bar for my older freebies or click over to my designs blog here, or the ScrapMatters shop for a few freebies.

Good night :-)


Jill D-Zines said...

Sorry you had an icky day. Yep, we all have those days when we question whether staying home to take care of our "babies" (both little and big kids!) but you ARE doing the right thing!! Your kiddos are blessed to have a mom who will do that, and a family where they are ABLE to do that. I feel really sorry for the many moms who want so badly to be able to stay home with their kiddos but aren't able to, for financial (or other) reasons. Those babes grow up so quickly - it seems like just a moment ago I had my first baby, and now she is 15, getting ready to drive!! (YIKES!! LOL!)

Hope today is better for you!

Carey said...

I can relate to those days! And yes, my poor kiddos have gone to bed early as well because Mommy was tired and overwhelmed. So glad your day switched gears come bedtime and you got to spend some quiet time with your little ones. I think all us SAHMs have been there!

Enjoy your blog, thank you for posting!