Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tag, Freebies List!

Well, I've been tagged twice this past week - so I needed to get my butt in gear to get this posted! I guess I'm being forced into posting!! Thanks Ladies - I needed this :-) I was tagged by Rachel (Rachel Clark Designs) and Brandy (Mega-Doodle Inspired)

Okay - so here are 7 random things about me:
1.) I love to garden - and it may be one of the few things that FORCE me off my PC this summer (oh wait, there is the kids wanting swim and swing - okay I'll be out a lot)

2.) All that time in the sun is starting to bring out my FRECKLES!! I'll be visiting the Estee Lauder counter soon for some extra coverage on those suckers!

3.)My desk is a MESS!!! I have piles of papers & books & crafts & software that need to be sorted through so I can see the flat surface again (better put this on my to do list)

4.) I'm having my first garage sale later this month, and have yet to start sorting stuff out - Guess what I'm doing this weekend!!!

5.) My favorite veggie is broccoli - and my kids love it too!

6.) DH & I are taking our kids camping 2xs this summer - I'm super excited about it even though I hate bugs, dirt and um sleeping on the ground...whose idea was this???

7. ) I am a huge klutz - mostly because I think that my feet are much smaller than they are - I'm a "perfect 10"!

Okay that's enough about me - here's the folks I'm going to tag:
Brittney - Britt-ish Designs
Andrea - Andilynn Designs
Kristy - SuzieBelle Designs
Shari - Sharing Creations
Melanie - Sassypixie
Wendy is having it's next Speed Scrap on Tuesday, June 3rd at 6:00pm PST. I know I keep talking about them, but this is my absolute favorite kind of challenge!!! If you've not tried one yet, you really should - at least once - then we'll have you hooked on them, LOL!

Speed Scrap - you join the forum at the start time to get your first set of directions. You've got 10 minute to get it done before your next set of instructions! You'll get a new set of directions every 10 minutes for an hour and then you get one additional hour to finish it up, load to the gallery and post in the forum. It's a ton of fun, lots of chatter, and encouragement - almost like a girls night out! If you decided to join in the fun, I recommend stopping by the site to familiarize yourself with how to post in our forum and gallery - it can cause a little frustration if you only have a few minutes to post & get stuck on something :-)

Here's the speed scrap link:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Challenge, LO Shares & a Freebie!

I know it's been a while. I know everyone is saying this but my life has become crazy busy, and I'm having trouble keeping up! I came here today with all intentions of making you a freebies list, but Blogger is NOT cooperating (or maybe it's been so long that I've forgotten how to do it, LOL!) So, I'll just post a few other things here.

First - I wanted to let you all know about a speed scrap that is happening tonight at If you've never done a speed scrap I have to tell you - it is just SO much fun!

Here's how it works - at 10pm tonight (PST) log into the ScrapMatters speed scrap forum. At 10:00 a set of instructions will be posted - you've got 10 minutes to complete it and then check back for the next set of instructions - things like how many pictures, papers, elements, colors, etc. Every 10 minutes for an hour you get a new set of instructions. You then get an additional hour to complete the LO and post it in the gallery. Everyone gets a participation gift, and there will be 2 challenge winners! It has become one of our most popular challenges, and it really is a blast. The pressure to get to the next step really gets the adrenaline pumping!

Here's Brittney's official announcement:

Our next speed scrap is going to be tomorrow - Tuesday 5/27 at 8:00
Mountain Time, which is: 7:00 Pacific 8:00 Mountain 9:00 Central 10:00 Eastern 12 noon Wednesday in Australia 2:00 pm Wednesday in New Zealand.
Hope you can all make it! Katie - our fab CTM who first brought this fun idea to SM, will be
our hostess. Its going to be VERY FUN!!!

The participation prize is a mystery grab bag!! (are you intrigued?) And there will be TWO $5 GC awarded. One to Katie's fave, and one to a randomly drawn entryz.

You can find the Speed Scrap Here

Here are LO's that I made at the last 3 speed scraps:




ScrapMatters holds a monthly QP exchange, and this month, my kit has been picked as the featured kit :-) If you've not done a QP exchange before it's a wonderful way to complete a coordinating album. Here's how it works. You make a LO with the featured kit, and submit it as a QP (png file - we can help if you're not sure how). At the end of the month you are sent a link with ALL of the QP's that were submitted for the exchange - all using the same kit! Here's the link to the exchange.

"Inspire Me" is this months kit and it's on sale here...

Here's the LO that I made for the Exchange:


This is the QP that you'll get from me in the exchange.

I also used my newest alpha "Clearly Typed" in my LO... Isn't this a really cute alpha?? (um if I do say so myself, LOL!)

I loved the alpha so much I used it on this LO too!


Since I'm sharing all these LO's I guess I'll share one more... This on is with a new Collab I did with Shari from SHARIng Creations, called Juliana...


I turned this into a desktop for June...

You can get it free here....

Okay, that took way longer than I thought, so I'll have to save my the next bit for another post - I've been tagged by 2 fellow designers! So I'll be back to do that soon :-)

Have a wonderful day!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Is this my blog?

So I was looking over my blog today and could not believe how long it has been since I have last posted - umm... is this really my blog???? So, of course I had to make you a freebies list to make up for it!

First I've got a new product in my shop... click on the pic to go to the shop...

And, I've got a freebie so you can have a sample of what the alpha is like... (click the pic...)

I also wanted to tell you about a fun challenge - wait, thee most fun challenge - that is coming up tomorrow at - It is a Speed Scrap - ever done one of these??? I did my first one on NSD - and it was so fun! A Speed Scrap works like this. You go to the forum link at the designated time and look for the first set of directions - then you start your page - every 10 minutes for the next hour, you'll get some new directions. You then get 1 hour after the last directions are posted to complete your LO & post it in the gallery / link to the forum. It goes so quick, and you never know where this challenge is going to take you!

The next Speed Scrap will be on Tuesday, May 13th at 6:00PM Pacific Time (9:00 pm EST). You can use this link to verify what the time will be in your time zone so you can plan to be there . You can start a little late if you need to. Here is the link to the challenge forum, and more details about the challenge & prizes - oh yes, did I mention there would be PRIZES!?!?!??!

I actually joined the last Speed Scrap almost an hour late. I'm also having PC issues, and almost none of my scrapping stuff is on this PC, so I had to go to the shop & download some kits, make my LO & post it in about 45 minutes - THAT was a challenge - it was so very fun! Seriously - you should try it!

Here's the LO I did for the last one.

Okay - here's your freebies list!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

The Team Designers have been working really hard to make National Scrapbook Day (NSD) amazing!

First, I'm hosting a really fun, month long challenge called "Queen of Scrap". There are lots of prizes and a free kit for participants! Check here for more info....

Katie, Brittney and Andrea are hosting 3 Speed Scraps - there will be prizes for each and this is the participation gift!

Kate is hosting a Black and White Challenge - again with prizes and this amazing participation gift:

Sales & Special Offers: 30% off store-wide 5/2 - 5/420% off store-wide 5/5 - 5/9Free with $10 or more purchase:

"Mother Nature" a gorgeous HUGE MEGA COLLAB kit from all the ScrapMatters designers.

AND Every 25th order from the Shop this weekend is FREE!

And, last but not least, I've got a free template for you to snag....

And now for your Freebies list....