Monday, May 12, 2008

Is this my blog?

So I was looking over my blog today and could not believe how long it has been since I have last posted - umm... is this really my blog???? So, of course I had to make you a freebies list to make up for it!

First I've got a new product in my shop... click on the pic to go to the shop...

And, I've got a freebie so you can have a sample of what the alpha is like... (click the pic...)

I also wanted to tell you about a fun challenge - wait, thee most fun challenge - that is coming up tomorrow at - It is a Speed Scrap - ever done one of these??? I did my first one on NSD - and it was so fun! A Speed Scrap works like this. You go to the forum link at the designated time and look for the first set of directions - then you start your page - every 10 minutes for the next hour, you'll get some new directions. You then get 1 hour after the last directions are posted to complete your LO & post it in the gallery / link to the forum. It goes so quick, and you never know where this challenge is going to take you!

The next Speed Scrap will be on Tuesday, May 13th at 6:00PM Pacific Time (9:00 pm EST). You can use this link to verify what the time will be in your time zone so you can plan to be there . You can start a little late if you need to. Here is the link to the challenge forum, and more details about the challenge & prizes - oh yes, did I mention there would be PRIZES!?!?!??!

I actually joined the last Speed Scrap almost an hour late. I'm also having PC issues, and almost none of my scrapping stuff is on this PC, so I had to go to the shop & download some kits, make my LO & post it in about 45 minutes - THAT was a challenge - it was so very fun! Seriously - you should try it!

Here's the LO I did for the last one.

Okay - here's your freebies list!


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Beckie said...

Thanks for the freebie listing! xoxo

paul profitt said...

Great stuff.
I just found your blog and love it.
Look forward to reading more.

Snowsmoon said...

HI, my name is Dawn and wanted to let you know that I have some freebies on my site too. I like what you have going on here and have you saved to come visit more often.

Rachel said...

Hey Girly! Where have you been? I've been tagged so I'm tagging you. Hurry back we miss you!

Mega-Doodle Inspired said...

You've been tagged! Visit my blog for details!

Laura said...

Love this!!

I have 2 blogs

1st. my designs everything free all day every Day!

2nd. I hunt down and post CU Freebies usually 6 cu freebies a day.