Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do you like to be Challenged????

Do you love Scrap Challenges??? I love them, they test my creativity and give me new ideas. Well, I wanted to tell you about some new challenges going on at ScrapMatters.com


Speed Scrap Today at ScrapMatters.com!
Mark your calendars, write your notes because you're not going to want to miss the next speed scrap. This week we are offering 2 speed scraps, both TODAY, Tuesday, July 22nd!

The first one is hosted by Katie (ktkadoo) at 11am Mountain Daylight Time which is 10 PDT, 12 CDT and 1 EDT. The second one is hosted by Shari at 6pm Pacific Daylight Time which is 7MDT, 8CDT and 9 EDT. You can use this link, if you need to convert your time: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc

The "Our Family Reunion" mini kit is yours for participating in ONE of the Speed Scraps. The "Our Family Reunion" mini kit and the "Our Family Reunion Word Art" kit are yours if you participate in BOTH the Speed Scraps. Here's the previews:

You can join the fun here: http://scrapmatters.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=35

RAK challenge in our Community Challenge Forum:

The challenge is a RAK Challenge and it's hosted by Nonnie:

I thought about this challenge and wanted to share - I was browsing through
some galleries and came across the most beautiful RAK pages - What a great
- to RAK someone with a layout - for those who don't know an RAK is a
Random Act
of Kindness.

So the challenge works like this - I will
start by posting a picture -
maybe it is one I love or am just stuck on -
and the idea is that someone will
see that picture - scrap it and then post
the RAK layout - along with that RAK
they should also post a picture for the
next person - this should keep the
challenge going -

We've already had some fantastic LO's RAK Scrapped and would love to have you
join in the fun! You can check out the fun (and veiw the LO's) here: http://scrapmatters.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=1322&start=0

There is also a new Template Challenge EVERY Tuesday (today's should be announced any minute!!!) . You can find the Template Challenges here: http://scrapmatters.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=30

On Saturdays, we have the Saturday Special Challenge. This week, it's hosted by Lina and it's a "Complete Make Over" Challenge. You can find the Saturday Special Challenges here: http://scrapmatters.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=31

Happy Scrapping!

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