Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some Changes & a freebie list

Real quick, I want to metion that is celebrating this month - and to join in the fun I've donated a 30% off coupon to all of their readers (quick, you can grab it here - good for the month of OCTOBER!) . Stop over at DSC and check out all the offers, givaways and celebration fun! Happy Birthday Char!

So it's no big secret that I basically took this summer off from my freebies list. Besides the changes I had in my schedule (lack of time), I was feeling burned out and un-appreciated. I would often spend a couple hours a day finding and posting freebies links - I had close to 1000 visitors a DAY and not a single comment. Okay not exactly zero, but maybe one comment every couple of weeks. I know that this is NOT a community of intentionally forgetful people - because I've "met" many of you in some of the online forums I visit - this community as a whole is very friendly and supportive.

So I've decided to make some changes around here. I'm going to start posting on this blog more - but, I'm going to spend less time doing it. I used to post EVERY freebie I could find - it would take me forever! So now I'm changing that - I'm ONLY going to post freebies that I REALLY, REALLY like, and would use myself (or that I think you can't live without, LOL!). I'll also always post freebies from all the designers at (they all fall under that fab category anyhow, LOL!)

Now with that said, if you are a designer and your freebie doesn't get posted here, please do not assume that I don't like your freebie. I am giving myself a daily limit as to how much time I will spend on this so if I run out of time, and haven't gotten to yours yet - it won't get on the list. I'm only posting freebies that are NEW freebies (now more than 48 hours old - unless really, really fab!).

I'm only going to post one image from blog trains / parties. I'll try to remember to say that the freebie is from "such and such" blog train.

Now if you are a designer that is not listed or if you know of another freebie that is not listed, I will be including a Mr. Linky box at the end of each post. You can add your link only (can't link images) to this box. I will be deleting any links that do not include freebies or spam.

Okay - now that I've got that all out, here is your freebies list :-)

Now here's that Mr. Linky box I mentioned. Feel free to list your freebie here - NO SPAM - NO SALES info please.

Thanks for visting & thanks for listening to my rant - I do hope that you'll come back to visit regularly and maybe even say hello when you do :-)


Anonymous said...

Good for you for limiting your time and doing what is best for you....I know I personally am very guilty of reading your blog and snagging freebies but never commenting.
I'm sorry.
I will try to leave you some more comments hun!!
THANK YOU for your hunting!
I love that you do it for the digi world!!!!!!!
Hang in there and know that you ARE appreciated even if no one comments!!!
HUGS to you!!!

Megan said...

I am also guilty of reading your blog but never commenting. I love the freebies I find on your blog and I will definitely leave a comment on my way out when I find them here! Thanks for all the time you spend on your blog.
Thanks again!

cornellia said...

Thank you for your time and effort. Great list :)

Cyndi146 said...

Hey Happy!!

I didn't even realize you did this freebie list until I saw your post this morning at SM! Thank you!! I picked up some very cool freebies :)

Dana said...

I think you have picked some great freebies. I too didn't realize you posted freebies as I recently discovered your blog. It's great and Thank you!

Katie said...

Hi Happy! I'm horrible at leaving comments too. TY for starting again. I'll try to be better.

mstalbot1 said...

Thank you for all your time!

Lisa Kane said...

awww....I feel bad, too! That is an awful thing to feel unappreciated! Well, I for one, appreciate all that you do!!

Charmaine said...

I appreciate your time and effort...thank you for all that you do for our community!

Amanda said...

Sorry I haven't left a comment before now. Thanks for the freebie list!