Friday, July 10, 2009

Scrapping & more Givaways and a New Tutorial!

I scrapped again - it feels like it's been ages! I'm really trying to focus on getting more pages done. So here is one of my sweet little girls. They had their picture taken last week at a photo studio.

I used this fabulous kit by my friend Maria called Summer Solstice. Click here for full credits.

My AWESOME CT is still giving away tons of my new products! Right now, Heather has 2 givaways - one here at SM where you can win these Frame Packs ....

She also has one here at DSA where you can win these CU Watercolor Overlays...

One thing I LOVE about these overlays is that they are provided in FULL color. That makes it super easy to recolor them to get multiple colors on one paper.

I wrote a quick tut for you

The colored ones that are in the package are actually hand painted by me. They are so easy to use to create new papers.
Here's how you do it it:
First, I have a small sample for you here if you want to download it to follow the tut.

1.) Open the colored version of my overlay.

2.) I have PSCS3 and I use the "Select Color Range Tool" ( Got to Select --> Select Color Range).

3.) That will bring up a pop up box. Use the eye dropper to select one color on the overlay. The selected area will show in the square in the pop up box as white. Use the slider to adjust the selection slightly (it kinda gives it more feathered edges).

4.) If you want to select more than one color use the eyedropper button with a plus next to it. I think you need to click it twice if you want to select more than one color.

5.) Once I have the area selected, I make a new layer and fill the selection area with the color that I want it to be.

6.) I just keep picking colors and creating additional layers until I have the mix that I want.

7.) After that, I add a solid layer (my base color) under all of the newly created layers (but above the original overlay layer).

8.) Next I duplicate the original overlay and convert it to black & white and move it to the top layer.

9.) Then I play with my blend modes & use brushes until I get it too look the way that I'd like.

I'm not sure what software you have, but you can also almost the same technique using PSE by using the magic wand tool and then creating new layers with each color. The wand tool can be a bit more pixilated sometimes, so you may need to feather the selection by a couple of pixels so you don't have funky transitions between colors.

I'm certain that this technique can be achieved with other software programs as well.

You can see where I used this technique on this paper - the kit was blues and creams, but you can easily adapt it for multi color kits with the technique listed above. It works very well for all color themes - bright & bold, or soft and muted. I added an inked edge overlay to this as well.

Hope you find this helpful and good weekend!


Angela said...

looks interesting. I use different software so I'll have to have a little play and see what I can achieve.

Shan Marie said...

Thanks for the freebie and great tutorial!

Christine Smith said...

thanks for the tut