Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm on Facebook!

Some of my designer friends have been trying to convince me for ages (ok - about a year, LOL) to join Facebook. I've been resisting completely! I really felt like I just didn't have the time.

But today I finally joined! It's fun getting everything set up and adding new friends. If you want to follow me on Facebook, you can friend me here....

If you missed the post a couple weeks ago about the Most Magical Winner - you can find it here...

The girls had off from school on Monday for Columbus day. We usually go to a pumpkin farm as a family but, DH had to work. I was at a loss as to what I was going to do with both girls home all day. And then, I saw the CUTEST kit from my friends Denise & Erica and knew exactly what we would do!

Any ideas, LOL???

Isn't this seriously CUTE! Well a couple of weeks ago, Denise asked me to be on her CT, so I snagged the kit and whipped up this little invite....

They were SO excited when I read it to them :-) We went to the craft store to pickup some fancy feather boas & then to the grocery store to get some pastries & snacks.

They were just adorable and we all had so much fun. They had their fancy clothes and very best manners. They called each other princess & everything was so "royal". They giggled so much - we are making plans to do it again soon!

BTW - Erica and Denise both have coordinating freebies on their blogs - so be sure to stop by and grab them!

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Brittany@twocrazycupcakes said...

I love you invitation! What font did you use?