Friday, November 20, 2009

In need of some Template Action?

I am SO excited about my product release today! I have two brand new tools that will be HUGE timesavers (not to mention boredom-busters) for designers & template makers!

Before I show you this first product - I just wanted to share a few things that my product testers said about it:

* "I love this Happy, its going to be an invaluable tool!!"

* Okay Happy, this is one freakin' AWESOME action. My gosh, this is wonderful. What took me almost an hour the other night was done in a matter of seconds! Now I can make more templates...yipee!

* worked like a charm. Seriously what a great product!!!

* This is FANTASTIC! Templates will be SO much easier. I used to make them then barely do anything with them because I hated the process of saving .png files and I didn't want to list without the files... NOW I'm going to have tons of them up in my store :D

Those are pretty good reviews - don't you think? Are you ready to see what it is?

PNG Layer Saver Action by Happy Scrap Girl Designs

Template designers now have a quick and easy way to save their layered psd templates as individual png files! You can save up to 60 layers quickly!

This action will take a layered psd template and create a 600x600 pixel preview of your template. It will then save EACH layer of your template as an individual png file. Each png will be named numerically starting at "_01".

There are 4 actions included in this set. Included actions allow you to choose from 15, 30, 45 or 60 layers. Don't worry if your template doesn't have exactly that number of layers. Just choose the action with the closest number of layers (without going under). The action will simply continue to run the number of layers assigned to it - you can easily delete the extra layers from the saved folder.

Another great time saving feature? The action will remove any drop shadow styles from each layer before saving it - so you don't have to!

This action has been tested in Photoshop 7, PSCS1.0-4.0 and PSE 4.0 - 8.0. This is NOT Mac compatible.

It's a great way to offer more options for your products and increase your customer base - include those that need pngs for their software!

I also have another new action in my shop today - PNG Trimmer Action

This is a must have tool for any designer! This PNG Trimmer action will trim off the wasted space around your png elements & alphas - making your files smaller and zips quicker for your customers to download!

The PNG trimmer will take your open png and with the click of a button, it will add a small stroke around your element. Next it will trim away the excess space around your element and then remove the stroke style. Photoshop users can even use the Batch process and this action to trim all the pngs in their kit at once!

As a bonus, I've included an action that will add a stroke style to your png. You can use this to find stray pixels - just erase them (with the stroke on) and then remove the stroke. I know that some software programs do include this feature, but earlier versions of PSE do not offer a removable stroke layer style.

Ok now that you've heard me ramble - I thought you deserve a treat! I made a template for you - and I used my new action to create the png files :-)

Click the image for the link - the password is happy

Some of my WONDERFUL CT members made some free templates for you today - and included png layers (using my new action!). Thanks Ladies! Be sure to stop by their blogs to grab them!

Stacy's Template
Katie's Template

Fran's Template

Hope you have a great day!


DimpleBrandy said...

This looks so cool !!! And it might just be me but I can't download the free says the password is incorrect. Again, it may be me.

Happy Scrap Girl said...

sorry about that - it should be fixed now. Thanks for letting me know!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous template! Thank you!