Monday, January 4, 2010

Manic Monday.. really it is!

My new year is off to a great start - I'm working on getting my home in order and I have started weight watchers again - and it's going well so far. I've also managed to get a pic a day for P365.

It has been a really crazy day here though. It started with a phone call that I had to make to DD1's school principal. I had to leave a message and I'm still waiting for him to call me back. I'm so not good at confrontation, so I'm not looking forward to this conversation, but I really have to do this.

Right before Christmas, DD1 came home from school. She had purchases lunch that day (which she doesn't normally do) so it was one of the first things I asked her about.

Me: "How was lunch today"
DD1: "I didn't eat it"
Me: "No? Why not? You liked everything on the menu today.
DD1: "Mrs. M (the teaching assistant in her class) came to lunch today and SHE said that we shouldn't eat ham. She said it comes from a pig and it's dirty and we should not eat ham."
Me: "WHAT?????"

This lead to conversations about her not wanting to eat animals, it's gross, why don't they wash the ham, etc. Great - now I have to explain all of these things to my kindergartner - one who already struggles to eat a tiny bit of any kind of meat. ACK!!!! Why on earth would this person say that to such a young child? Why on earth would they think that they could make that sort of comment about a meal that the school (and her mother) decided was acceptable? It was on the menu for weeks, if she had a religious issue about it, she should have stayed out of the cafeteria that day. Ditto if she's a vegetarian. Now I can't get my DD to eat any kind of meat at all.

So, now I'm calmly waiting for the school principal to call me back to discuss it with him. I'm not really sure what I expect to gain from this conversation, other than letting them know. It won't change the fact that I now have this issue with my child. I don't really want this person to apologize to my DD, for fear that something else will be said that I'll have to fix.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think it's inappropriate for a child to know where their food comes from. BUT I think that while they are eating it is NOT appropriate. And I think the child needs to be mature enough to handle it and it needs to be explained, not just spat out there like that.

So now I'm just waiting for the phone to ring - eek!

I also found something horrible today! Ok, maybe not earth shattering, but man it shook me up! I was sitting in the car and looked in the mirror and what to my horror, did I see? Oh my gosh - it was a (gasp) grey hair! I couldn't believe it. It's not that I'm super young, I just don't feel old, lol! So tomorrow I need to call my hair dresser to make an appointment for some color! I haven't done that since I was expecting DD1 - I'm sure DH will be SO excited to get those bills again, lol!

I guess I really need to focus on the positive things right now, lol! I'm down 3 lbs!! YIPEE!!!

Ok to celebrate my Manic Monday, I've got this product added to SM's Manic Monday sale (like how I slid that in here, lol?)

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