Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time-Saver Tools!

My goodness, my blog is a bit neglected! My poor family has been passing around all kinds of fun germs. I'll spare you the details, but I'm so glad everyone is healthy again! I'm still working on my goals for this year, but some have seemed to slide a tad. I'm still keeping up with P365 (well, I've missed an occasional day, but I think that is ok :-) ) And I'm starting to work out to help with my weight loss goals. I haven't lost any more weight, but at least I haven't gained any either. With everyone sick it's a bit of a miracle, lol!

I've finally had some time to finish up some design projects that I've had in the works. They were actually pretty fun projects to make.

Every designer and scrapper I know is looking for ways to save time in their creation process. Time-Saver Tool: Instant Previews is a FAST and easy way to do just that!

Just open 4 product previews, ads, or layouts (any size) - then click the action button. In an instant, all 4 images are resized onto one 600 x 600 pixel layered preview! Customize with packaging, shadows, text, rearrange, or remove an image for just the look you need.

Perfect for bundled products, ads, CT layouts or for posting to your blog!

Action ~ Time-Saver Tool: Instant Previews by Happy Scrap Girl Designs 20% off!

This action has been tested in PSCS2.0-4.0 and PSE 5.0 - 8.0.

I've included a step by step instruction sheet on how to use this action. Also included are one action (atn file), and 64x64 pixel thumb files for PSE users.

I've also made a new set of Page Edgers. Included in this kit are 5 transparent, png, page edgers overlays. They were created by hand for a realistic look and scanned in at a high resolution. All overlays are provided in black and can easily be changed to any color you would like. They can even be used as a mask to clip two papers together.

Page Edgers ~ Vol. 1 by Happy Scrap Girl Designs 20% off!

They coordinate perfectly with my Photo Edgers...

I've also made a little freebie sampler of my Page Edgers... click here

I hope you like it! Thanks for stopping by.


Vel said...

Thanks so much!

Lisa said...

Love your page edgers! Thank you!