Friday, October 22, 2010

Page Edgers Vol 2

Happy Friday!
Fall is well underway where I live and I'm loving all of the fall colors, and smells. I love the sound of the leaves crunching under my feet. It's been fairly warm this week, in the 60's, so we've had some time to enjoy all those fall activities. This weekend will be filled with the Family Fall Festival at the kids school, a Halloween party and raking leaves!
I've got something new for you today, Page Edgers Vol 2! I think these are one of my favorite products. I've created them by hand (are you picturing the black ink stained fingers, lol???). Scanned and extracted them for you. They are all 12x12 transparent PNG files and VERY realistic.
They can be used in SO many ways. I have used them to "ink" or grunge up the edges of my paper designs (and sometimes on LO's too!). I LOVE to use them to give the edges of my paper more depth by recoloring them to match the paper and then using the color burn blend mode (it looks so much more realistic than just using a soft brush around the whole edge, don't you think?). I have also used them to blend 2 papers together - like having a patterned paper and then using the edge to create a chipboard, or kraft paper edge to it. I'm sure you can think of many more ways to use them. Flip them, rotate them, use one or several together for even more versatility!

If you love this, be sure to check out Page Edgers Vol. 1 too...

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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