Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh My Stars, I've come un-hinged!

Ok so that's a totally cheesy title, lol. But maybe it gave you some hints as to what my new products are this week!

**Oh My Stars {CU Shapes} - 20% off through Sunday

I had some fun doodling in Illustrator this week. I made up some layered stars. Each set of stars has one doodled layer plus one slightly larger shape layer behind it. They are available in both pds, tiff and png files. The layers are aligned in the templates, but you can easily offset them as I have in the preview (if you like). There are also 3 sets of stars that have 6 layers included in them as well.

These template shapes would make great papers or elements, or clipping masks for your photos and papers in your page designs!

> Hinges {CU} 20% off until Sunday...

I also have some beautiful, old hinges in my shop today.


I'm sure some of you may have noticed last week that I was a complete bone-head and mis-priced my Page Edgers Bundle. So this week they will actually be a Sweet Deal! I'm discounting them an extra 10% this week for a total of 30% off! I'm so sorry for my mistake :)

I mentioned last week that I'm starting up the freebies list again! Please feel free to link up your freebies (either to your blog or your shop). Just click the link below to join the list....

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Sandra said...

thanks for doing the freebie list! i've listed my alpha freebie :-)