Friday, February 4, 2011

Actions can make you MORE productive!

Here is my new PNG Layer Saver Action!
This action is a MUST have for anyone that makes templates for sale, freebies or CT work.

Here's how it works. Open any template (psd or tiff). Then select one of the 7 actions based on an estimate of the number of layers in your template. If you have 27 layers in your template, for example, select the action for 30 layers. The action will then take each layer in your template and save it as an individual png file. It will remove any layer styles before saving (including drop shadows) and keep the same proportions of your page. Each png will be saved in numerical order, which makes it super easy for your customers to re-assemble the pngs in their programs (such as DIP or SBC+). It will then make a 600x600 pixel preview of the template to include with your pngs.

There are actions included for as few as 6 layers or as many as 100 layers. Could you imagine saving 100 png layers by hand? Oh my! But by including png files with your templates, you are able to widen your customer base to scrapbookers who use programs that don't accept psd or tiff files. SBC+ (by Creative Memories) and DIP are just 2 of the programs that can use your templates saved as pngs. And the action for 6 layers is perfect for designers who create layered pattern overlays for commercial use!

The zip file includes detailed instructions on how to use the action. It also includes a link to a free script on the web that will count your layers (for PSCS users only).

If you have purchased the original version of this action, please check your emails (and spam folder) as I am offering discounted upgrades to you. If you have purchased it and did not receive the upgrade email, please email me and include your original invoice number.

Speaking of timesaving tools....

Every designer and scrapper I know is looking for ways to save time in their creation process. Be sure to check out some of my other time saving actions too!

Exciting ScrapMatters News...

If you've ever wanted to be a designer for ScrapMatters, here is your chance! We are hosting the 2nd Design Star Contest!!! Click the image for details!!

And now for this weeks freebie list. Please feel free to link up your freebies for the week!

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I love your site. Thanks for the inspiration :-)