Friday, March 18, 2011

A HUGE Grab Bag Collab with Amanda Rockwell!!!

Happy Friday everyone,
I have been waiting to tell you about this for weeks!

If you follow me on Facebook , you may have seen this post a couple of weeks ago.

"oh my gosh. I'm on cloud nine right now!!"

I had just gotten a pm from one of my absolute favorite CU designers ever - asking little old me if I would do a "March Madness" Grab Bag with her. I was in shock & super honored & excited!

The fabulous Amanda Rockwell and I teamed up to bring you one HUGE, AMAZING grab bag! . For just $8 you will get 8 beautiful products! All of the preview are squished into this grab bag preview so you can get a really good idea of exactly what is in it!


Of course everything has been quality checked so you can feel confident that you are buying only the best CU products! The grab bag contains only png, jpg, psd & tiff files. There are no software specific products included. Full previews of each product available in the store.

Grab it quick, as this deal will only be around through the end of March. Then everything goes in the shop at full price.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Trim and Save Layers Action

My girls and I have been fighting some nasty colds and I'm ready to climb back into my bed. BUT, I wanted to share this with all of you today - because all of SM's new releases are always 20% off from Friday until Sunday. If you are a newsletter subscriber, check your inbox for a subscriber only coupon to save an extra 10% this weekend!

Are you a designer who likes to create all in one layered files? Maybe you like to make several elements on one document or all of your word art together.

This action will take EACH LAYER of a layered psd or tiff file and run a trim action on it. It will then save each of those trimmed layers as an individual png file. Each png will be named numerically starting at "_01".

There are 4 actions included in this set. Included actions allow you to choose from 5, 10, 20 or 30 layers to save. Don't worry if your file doesn't have exactly that number of layers. Just choose the action with the closest number of layers (without going under). The action will simply continue to run the number of layers assigned to it - you can easily delete the extra layers from the saved folder.

This action has been tested in Photoshop 7, PSCS1.0+ and PSE 5.0+.

This action is compatible for Mac users - but please note... You will need to designate a folder for the action to save the png files to. You will also need to manually name each file as the action runs. While this will involve more interaction on your part, you will not need to rename your files after the action is completed.

I've included a step by step instruction sheet on how to use this action.


Now if all of your elements are on one layer, this action won't work for you. But I'll be working on an Element Cutter Action in the future that will help you out. If you are a template designer, skip this action and take a look at my PNG Layer Saver Action instead.

Thanks for stopping by!!