Friday, May 6, 2011

Let's get this {iNSD} party started!

Let's get this {iNSD} party started!

Happy iNSD everyone! I have so much to tell you about today! First, SM is celebrating iNSD in a BIG way!

Stop over to join a chat, challenge, SS or just to do some shopping.

I've been busy working on lots of new goods to fill up my store for this weekend. I've worked with 2 AMAZING CU designers to bring you 2 CU Grab Bags this weekend. I also have a couple of personal use products in the store as well! My newsletter subscribers will also be getting a subscriber only coupon today - so if you get my newsletter, be sure to look for it before you make your purchases!

Are you ready?

First up, I have a CU Grab Bag collab with a fellow SM designer, Chelle's Creations! Chelle is crafty and clever and very pick on quality! You'll love her products just as I do. We've packed 6 fun, full size products into this bag for just $6! Check out what we've made...

Want to see some closer details?

Oh isn't that pretty!

I did mention another GB, right? Well I had so much fun teaming up with Amanda Rockwell for our last grab bag, that we decided that we had to do another! Amanda is a top-notch CU designer and we've filled this GB with 4 full-size, high quality resources to help you build or refresh your designer toolbox - all for just $4!!

Here is a closer look....

WOW!! If you are still curious as to what exactly is in each bag, don't worry. Full size previews of each product are available in the store!

I had a ton of fun making those bags, I got my craft on, broke out my trusty glue gun & sewing machine. 12 glue sticks, lots of ribbon, and a few HOT fingers later, well let's just say these are some of my FAVORITE ever CU products!! And, my girls have some pretty new hair clips now that I'm done with all the scanning and extracting, lol!

A few more things to show you. I've had lots of requests for new text paths. These ones are care-free and fun. Some wind an loop and others are designed to work around the edge of your photo or page. They will work on PSE 5.0+ and PSCS2+. If you've not used text paths before, give them a try! You simply type over the text on the path and keep the same text shape. You can change the size, font and color!

And last, but not least, I made some new Blend it Masks...

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful iNSD weekend!!

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