Friday, June 10, 2011

Why let your photos have all the fun? New Text Blenders!!‏

Everyone knows what photo blenders or masks can do for your layouts. But have you tried using them on your journaling? What? It doesn't work so great? You're right, because with photo masks/blenders, you clip your image to the mask - covering up the solid colored mask shape. Try that with text and you'll still see the mask behind your journaling. You could use the mask and select the area outside of it and then delete part of your text to get that same look. Oh wait... that's not a good option either. If you want to change your text after you delete part of it, you'll have to start over.

Enter Text Path Blenders! Just highlight the text on the path and start typing right over it. Your journaling will take these mask shapes and parts of it will magically fade away or become slightly distressed. Make a mistake? That's ok. With this non-destructive method, you can go back and edit your text as many times as you need to to get it just right. Change the font, color - whatever you'd like - it's really easy!
I've even included some basic instructions on how to make your edges more or less faded without changing the rest of the path.

Please note that these will work perfectly with PSE 5+ and PSCS2+ but will not work in earlier versions.

Here is some amazing CT inspiration using these new Text Path Blenders!!

by Fran...

By Kayla...

By Heidi...
{also using Cloud Nine by Elise's Pieces Designer}

By Melanie...

Text Path Blendersare 20% off this weekend only!

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