Friday, February 3, 2012

Grab Bag Reveal!

I am so excited that it's FRIDAY- TGIF!!  I'm looking forward to some quality time with my family, a date night with DH and a big Super Bowl party this weekend!! 

Do you have exciting plans for the weekend?

Thank you so much to everyone that purchased the Grab Bag Collab last week!  This week each of the individual products are in the shop and on sale for 20% off!! 

I had so much fun making these accordion paper flowers.  They will recolor so easily to match your kits or layouts.  Stack them up add some cute buttons or cut outs for centers and you'll have some lovely page embellishments.  Some have scalloped edges one has handwriting and another is an old map page!

I've talked about my ribbon obsession before right?  Well it was about time that I add a new set of ribbons for you!  These ribbons have been quality checked (like all of my CU products!) and will refresh your ribbon supply! 

Here's a quick tip - having trouble recoloring a ribbon to match your kit?   Clip your color layer above your ribbon layer.  Duplicate the ribbon layer and move it above the color layer and change it to black and white.  Set the blend mode (I use overlay or soft light). Then open your levels box (CTRL+L) and adjust the sliders until you get the color and texture exactly where you want it. 

Oh these are one of my favorite new things!  These Distressed Mess overlays are made just like my Page Edgers Overlays - except, I left the centers messy.  These are a great way to add a little depth to your papers. 


Have wonderful weekend!


Sus Designs said...

No big plans this weekend, except trying out my new camera with a friend tomorrow. But a date night sounds amazing, you lucky lady :)

I just wanted to say I LOVE this grab bag, and if you havn´t gotten it, you should get all the items, they are AMAZING!


Happy Scrap Girl said...

Thank you Sus - you are so sweet! A new camera sounds really fun too!!