Friday, April 27, 2012

Simply Shabby Overlays

I’m going to keep this short and sweet today.  I’m home recovering from a minor foot surgery yesterday and the pain meds are knocking me for a loop, lol. 

I made up a set of new Simply Shabby Overlays.  I have to tell you that I’m in LOVE with them.  I used them to make a the papers in a new kit I just finished (YES I made a kit, lol!!)  and they were super easy to work with and gave my papers a beautiful texture with subtle color variations. 


Also I totally did not send out a newsletter or blog about my new products from last week – DOH!! 

A new set of Krafty Papers (4)

Krafty Papers 4

and a bundle of all of my Krafty Papers

All of these new products are on sale for 20% off right now!!

I also helped to make a Scrap Orchard collab that I know you’ll just love!!  You can grab it now for just $4 before it’s revealed next week…


Oh want a little idea of what’s in it??



On last little thing… Or is it a HUGE thing???

Farmers Market is Scrap Orchard's twice a year $1 sale!! YES, I did say ONE DOLLAR!! 

I’ll have 20 products on sale for just $1 each. There will be a mix of old and new products including a BRAND NEW KIT – that I just LOVE!!

So, make up your wish list and mark your calendars – you don’t want to miss this sale, because once a product has been in the Farmers Market sale – it will never be in it again! This is the LOWEST price you can ever get them for – so don’t miss out!!

Ok that’s all for now – I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Brushes and a new freebie!

Hello scrappers & designers! 

I hope you’ve had a good week!  I’m still at the organizing and cleaning out my house.  Honestly it’s not a wreck, lol – but I’m going at turtle speed!  This week DH and I cleaned out our bedroom closet.  We donated 2 garbage bags of clothes and threw away another bag full.  The closet looks so much better now. 

I’ve been working on a fabric covered magnet board (kinda like this one) to hang over the desk in the living room.  It will be a spot for the girls to hang their art projects and school work that they are proud of.  I just need a few more coats of paint on the frame before I put it all together and hang it up.  The girls have spring break next week so I think we’ll do a craft project to decorate the magnets to use on it. 

I also went to Home Depot today to pick out some paint samples and painted a big piece of cardboard with one of them.  We are going to be re-doing our front hallway to make it brighter and more open.  We’re going to add board & baton and add some new hooks for the kids to hang up their backpacks.  I’m thinking about using Tidewater from Sherwin Williams (color matched at HD) as the color above the board & baton.  We’ll be doing our living room over next so the same paint color will go in there  with a creamy white baseboards.  I can’t wait! 

I still haven’t done that chore chart but I’m hoping to work on it soon. 

I did make some new brushes this week!  It’s a set of 20 Photoshop brushes in ABR format. I’ve also included the png files for non-PS users too.  I hope you like them!

Ready for a freebie?  Here is a small sample of brushes.


Have a great weekend!