Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tutorial | How to make Washi Tape for Digital Scrapbooking

Washi Tape is so trendy right now!  It’s all over Pinterest and people are using it to decorate everything from cards to party supplies to picture frames!  So, why not add it to your digital scrapbook kits and pages too? 

I can show you how to easily make washi tape to coordinate with any kit!  Are you ready?

Ok, first, download this free piece of Tape Happy.  What? Isn’t that painter’s tape?  Right you are.  This makes a perfect base – trust me!


Now open the tape up in Photoshop or Elements (or whatever program you are using that can manage layers).


Duplicate the layer (CTRL+J) and convert the top layer to grayscale (CTRL+B).


Next add a pattern layer above the base layer and clip both layers to the base (CTRL+ALT+G) in PS and (CTRL+G) in PSE. Change the blend mode on the top layer to overlay or soft light. I used overlay in my example here. 


That’s starting to look more like what we want.

I used a stripe pattern in my example.  But when tape is bunched up, the stripes won’t be perfectly straight!  So we need to alter the pattern a bit to make it look more realistic.

Click on your pattern layer in the layers palette and then use your lasso tool ( L) to select the area you want to alter. In my example I’m selecting the section on the right that is folded slightly upward.


Now go to Filter –> Liquefy (Shift+CTRL+X) – I can’t remember exactly where this is in PSE, but it’s there in the filters menu I believe.


Click on the warp tool on the left side of the pop up window.  Change your brush size to cover the area and lower the brush pressure (on the right side).  Check the Show Backdrop box and Show Mask Box. This will kinda show you where you need to use your brush. 


Now click and drag in the direction you want to warp the pattern.  I’m pulling to the top right.  You may need to try it a couple of times to get it just right.


See how the lines are less straight now and curve up with the direction of the tape?


Ok now, you want to tweak the other areas a tiny bit so the pattern moves with the other wrinkled parts of the tape.  You can do this the same way. This time select the whole area (CTRL+A) and then go to the Liquefy filter (Shift+CRTL+X).  The tool you use this time will depend on the folds of your tape.  I used the pucker tool (on the right instead of warp) this time.  Lowered the brush pressure and very lightly clicked on the edges of the colored stripes where the bump is on the left side.  This pulls the colored sections out a bit so the lines are a little curved over the bump.

It’s very slight, but you can see it here.


This looks better, but still not right. Can you figure out why? In my example, the bright colored sections of the tape look pretty good – and the cream colored sections don’t look like they are part of the tape. Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix!

You need to select the cream areas in the pattern. You can do this with your wand tool, or I used the color range tool. Go to Select –> Color Range. When the box pops up, use the eyedropper to click on the cream area. Use the Fuzziness slider to adjust the amount selected – the selected areas will show as white in the preview. Click OK when you have the area selected.


Now click on the top layer in your layers swatch (the gray scale tape layer) and press (CTRL+J) to duplicate the selected sections. Then clip it to the layers below (CTRL+ALT+G). Change the blend mode to Linear Light and lower the opacity.


I used 23% on this example.


Now adjust any layers that you need to.  I lowered the opacity slightly on the overlay layer.  Merge them all together and lower the opacity of the entire piece of tape to about 93%.


I know it seems like a lot of steps, but it really is easy to do and you’ll be so pleased with your new washi tape!! So pleased in fact that you’ll want to make an entire set of them!! 

Be sure to check out Tape Happy in my shop too!

Have a wonderful day!


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