Thursday, October 25, 2012

Can I ask you a question?

The last two weeks in my house have been crazy.  My youngest daughter fell out of a tree and broke her arm.  And she split her lip and needed a whole bunch of stitches.  A few days later I had a little surgery to remove a birthmark.  My oldest daughter needed to have some allergy testing.  So we have spent way too much time at hospitals and doctor offices recently, lol!  Everyone is doing just fine and in the end what I think most about is that I’m so glad that kids are still climbing trees! 

Now that we’ve got all that behind us, I’m working hard to whip up some amazing DSD goodies for you!!  I’ve got one grab bag just about completed, but I have an important question for you! 

Hypothetically, if someone were to make a second DSD grab bag (heehee), would you want it to be flowers or brushes (pngs included)?  You can swing by my Facebook Page to weigh in!!

Today I do have a pretty little something new in my shop!  These Pressed Petals will add a bit of charm and nostalgia to your kits and pages. Use them as flower and leaf pieces in your designs, or add them to tags and journal cards as realistic designs embellishments.  Try blending them into a background or applying filters to create stamped or watercolor images.

Pressed Petals

Pressed Petals

I also want to show you a new collab from Scrap Orchard that I got to participate in.  It’s for the November Mega and it is absolutely beautiful! It’s a HUGE bundle and it’s just $5 for everything!! 

November 2012 Mega: Roots & Leaves by Scrap Orchard Designers

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