Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tutorial | Learn how to zip your files so they unzip into a single folder!

Hello everyone! 

Today I’ve put together a video tutorial to teach you the best way to zip up your files.  This is a great tut for designers, especially with DSD coming up!  Zipping your files this way will save your customers lots of time organizing their files and will only take a few extra minutes on your part. 

This is the first time I’ve made a video tut so please excuse the newbie-ness of it, lol!  Even if you already know how to do this, you might learn a trick or two and you get to hear what I really sound like (LUCKY you, lol!!). Don’t mind my goofy western NY accent or my tummy growling, lol! 

Quick tip.. if you click that YouTube Button, you can select to view this larger on YouTube : )



Learn how to zip your files so that they unzip into a single folder!


Ponytails said...

Thanks for the great tips! That's a huge time saver.

Shelle said...

Great tutorial! Thank you so much. :) I didn't know how to do this. Bless you!

Sarah @ Pink Lime said...

Boo- I can't get this to work on my MAC :( I love this idea- it would save so much time!

Happy Scrap Girl said...

@Sarah - I'm sorry you had trouble getting this to work. I sent you an email with the direct link to YouTube and a few questions. It's saved as an .mp4 file so hopefully most people can see it.