Thursday, January 17, 2013

Setting yourself up for success

All week I've been trying to answer the question Why Not? I realized that I need to have goals. Not vague, I want my business to do better, I want to lose weight, whishy washy kinda goals. But solid, concrete, ACTIONABLE GOALS. If we are not specific in our goals, HOW can we reach them?

I've certainly had (and reached) goals before. But by making them detailed and by writing them down we are setting ourselves up for success.

Before I would always say, I want to lose weight. Hello - don't most people? It's a vague goal. How much weight? How long do I have to do it? How will I go about doing that? "I want to lose weight", is not an ACTIONABLE GOAL. It's a wish or a dream. We need a way to get there.

So for the rest of January, my GOAL is not "I want to lose weight". Instead, my goals are to go to the gym 3-4 times a week (45 min workouts) and to drink eight 8 oz glasses of water (to make me feel fuller and reduce my calorie in-take). SPECIFIC right?

Instead of saying, my goal is for my business to grow, I need to set up specific goals and actionable goals to support that goal. So I might say that I want my business to grow by 25% this year.

To get there, my actionable goals for January are:
1.) set up a schedule
-purchase and set up a new calendar/planning system
-plan out my new releases for the next month
-plan out tutorials for the next month
-plan out newsletter topics for the next month
2.) Stop wasting my time doing things that are not important (slightly vague-ish - I know...)
-make check lists
-finish the things with the highest priority first
-don't multi-task - because it's easy to get distracted and not finish either task
-save "extras" for last - Pinterest & blog trolling

This sets out a clear and do-able plan of action to help me reach my goals.
What are your goals? How can you reach them? How can you make them ACTIONABLE and set yourself up for SUCCESS?

Leave a comment and share your goals so we can support each other in being successful!

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You are Amazing!

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I hope you have a successful week!

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