Friday, March 22, 2013

It's a Little Puzzling...

Hi there!!

Can I tell you how excited I am that it is officially spring time???  I'm hoping for some warmer weather soon so I can throw open the windows, do some spring cleaning and start some painting projects! Have you started any spring cleaning yet?  Do you dig in deep and clean every nook and cranny? Or do you pick a few things to give some extra attention to each year?  I think I'm somewhere in the middle.  Extra dusting (like ceiling fans, heater vents), washing cupboards and walls, cleaning out kids toys/clothes for the next season and major reorganizing and de-cluttering!

Speaking of de-cluttering and reorganizing - if it's too cold still where you live, why not start your spring cleaning on your computer?  It's a great time to find a system that works harder for you and to get rid of those lovely goodies that you just know you'll never  use again.

New to the Market:

Word Puzzles  -  How fun would these crossword puzzles be on your pages & kits?   I can see them in all sorts of colors on Project Life style journal cards - how fun would that be to journal right in those boxes?  With a little creativity, they could be awesome on a tech page or kit too!  There are tons of options to incorporate these into your next project!  Oh did I mention they are layered?  So you can easily add your custom colors to the white or black boxes, or even to the grid lines.  Have you ever tried making these on your own? Wow are they time consuming!!  Luckily, you can just grab one from this set and finish that project faster!

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Have a great weekend!!

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