Friday, May 24, 2013

Running out of design time? Check out these two time savers!

Happy Friday to you! 

Here in the US we are about to kick off a three day weekend and I couldn't be more excited!  We have three picnics planned (attending 2, throwing 1) and lots of projects to cram in.  Memorial Day weekend always feels like the official start to summer to me - I think because we open our pool and start spending a lot more time outdoors.  Do you have big plans for the weekend?

This time of year always feels like the days go fast because we are trying to soak up every second of summer fun.  My kids only have 20 short days of school left and I'm trying hard to get ahead on my design work.  Sound like the story of your life too? Might be a great time to pick up some new goodies to help you get your work done faster - so you can have more time to play!  Check out my newest pattern overlay set below or save some time with my *PNG Layer Saver Action!  If you make png files for your layered templates this is a MUST have action!  Oh, it works great if you make layered paper templates too :)

PNG Layer Saver 2

* Please note, this action will work on a Mac, but it requires more manual interaction on your part.  You will need to point the action to the folder it needs to save to and you may need to type file names.  If you would like a test version of this action to try on your Mac, please email me at

New to the Market:

Designers I'm sure you know how challenging it can be to find good floral paper patterns.  This new set of Floral Patterns are layered (one layer per color), making it super easy for you to customize for your kits. Speed up your design process by clipping your swatch colors to each layer adding some great textures and brushwork for a perfect paper! 

They are on sale for 20% off right now.  DYK, newsletter subscribers get coupons for extra discounts on most new releases!  If you want them too - you should sign up here!

CU Floral Patterns


Have a great weekend everyone!

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