Thursday, June 20, 2013

Be the Boss of Yourself

Hi everyone!
It is officially summer vacation here!  I'm so excited for the relaxed schedules and all the adventures we have planned!  We have a family trip planned with my sisters and parents that we are all very excited about and we just booked a surprise weekend with our kids at Niagara Falls.  Have you ever surprised your children with a vacation?  I hope I can keep the secret!   
1.) New goods to the market - plus newsletter subscribers save an extra 10%
2.) Tips and Tricks: Be the Boss of Yourself
3.) Orchard is still under construction

New to the Market:

Vintage Frames are always so interesting to look at.  I'm always so curious about the people in the pictures, where did they live, what were they thinking about, what did they do for a living, were they happy?  I love looking at the wear and markings on the frames and sometimes they have some really interesting designs and patterns embossed on them.

Today I have a new set of Vintage Frames in the Market.  They are a fun way to make something old new again and they definitely add interest to a scrapped photo!

Newsletter subscribers save an extra 10% off the sale price on either Vintage Frames 5 or the Vintage Frames Bundle. 
I bundled up the first 4 sets of Vintage Frames for you too.  They are bundle priced at 20% off retail and also on sale.  Get it here now!

Tips & Tricks:

I have to be honest with you.  I have been partly dreading the girls being off for the summer.  I'm very excited to spend extra time with them and looking forward to all the adventures we have planned.  But as a self-employed mama, I have been struggling with how I will balance all those great activities with my design time, house-keeping and a healthy lifestyle.  It's had me more than a bit stressed.  Yesterday I read this great article that has me feeling more confident about making it all work.  I know many of you are WAHMs or SAHMs with littles on summer break.  Check out this article for some great ideas on how to manage your time.  I'm planning to implement a few of these ASAP so that I can have a happier, more productive summer. 
Self-Discipline: Be the Boss of Yourself


Orchard News!
If you've been by the Market recently, you may have seen things look a little different.  There is a little construction going on right now, but things will be better than ever when it's all finished.  Please excuse our mess.

Please excuse our mess.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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