Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to Mirror an Object Perfectly Every Time (AI Tutorial)

New to the Market:
Shabby overlays are my favorite way to add variation and interest to my papers.  Great for solids or patterns - they are best when you layer them up!  Rotate layers to get a consistent feel for your paper pack with out being obviously the same texture (we've all seen that right?).
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.. there is a bundle too :)

Tips & Tricks:
Today I have a little video tutorial for you!  Have you ever tried creating shapes in Illustrator?  Take drawing a heart for example.  You can easily get one side to look perfect, but sometimes when you start to draw the second half it can get a little wonky.  Here's a tutorial on How to Mirror an Object Perfectly Every Time.

Orchard News!
If you've been by the Market this week, you may have seen things look a little different.  There is a little construction going on right now, but things will be better than ever when it's all finished.  One great change is that our advanced search feature is working with amazing results, making it easier than ever to find the perfect thing you are looking for. 
Please excuse our mess.
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