Friday, July 5, 2013

Building Beautiful Collages

New to the Market:
Are you a designer making ads for products or sales, a creative team member showing off your pages or a blogger posting pictures? This new Collage Builder Action is going to make the process FAST and easy!!

This action will take a banner or header image (use your own, or create one with the included template), let you select up to 12 SQUARE images and create a web size (600px wide) collage.  It will allow you control in sharpening the image.  It will then save the image as a layered psd and layered tiff file and then save for web as a jpg file.  You will be able to move the images in the layered file. Rectangular images (like photos) will leave white spaces between images or photos can be cropped SQUARE to fill the entire space.

For more info and product compatibility please see the product page in the Market.

Collage Builder Action - A Quick Look:
The Collage Builder Action is FAST and EASY!  Here is a quick video to show you just how fast you can put together a collage of your own!

Build a collage in less than 2 minutes? YES please!!  You can buy it here.
Iron Scrapper at The Orchard:

Iron Scrapper has officially kicked off!  Join us in the forums for challenges, chats and a chance to win some BIG prizes! There is also a great grab bag that you won't want to miss!  Here's a little look at it!  I have to say these adorable raccoons are just as cute as the baby ones living in my back yard, lol!  It's only available for one week so grab it quick!

Iron Scrapper is starting on Monday July 1st!  Stop by the forum for more info!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a great weekend!



Danka Doo said...

What a neat idea and I would think very helpful to designers.

Michele said...

Very clever idea!

Leilanie Marie said...

Love it! That action would definitely make it easier to create collages.

momtoprincesses said...

Such a good idea!

catschwartz said...

I have just started to figure out templates, but this looks like a good idea.

Cheryl said...

That action looks great! Can't wait to tell my daughter about it. (She is on several CTs.)