Thursday, August 8, 2013

Save your Sanity with this quick tip - Plus NEW Watercolor Brushes & Vector Labels‏


Quick Tip:
Do you ever need to turn off all of your layers, except one? (psst... Template makers - raise your hands!!)  Depending on how many layers you have, it could take forever & just about bore you to tears, right?  Check out today's quick tip for a super fast way to get it done!

New to the Market:
How would you use these these beautiful Watercolor Brushes? Masks, stamps, for papers? I've used a gradient layer clipped to the brush for this look, it would be great for a gradient too!
Watercolor Brushes are On Sale now - add them to your digital toolbox!

These Vector Labels can be used so many ways!  Use them as labels and ad styles or textures.  And since they are vectors, you can make them larger and use them as frames!

Orchard News:
Did you win the Grand Prize? Join us to find out!!!

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