Thursday, June 26, 2014

New| Alpha Cutter {plus} Action–you won’t believe how fast alpha creation is now!

There is so much going on this week! Are you ready? 
First, there is a retirement sale going on at Scrap Orchard right now. 
I am retiring a handful of products.  They will be on sale for 50% off and after June 30th - they will be gone for good!

I've also finished up a new action for the shop.  I'm SO excited about this action!!  This is so much more than just your typical alpha cutter.  This set of actions is designed to help make alpha creation quick and easy!

To start, there are only two templates - one for uppercase letters and numbers and one for lowercase letters and symbols.  The grid boxes are BIG - 4 inches (if you think size matters). The first action will assist you in changing both the font and the font size.  Then it will center each letter in the grid boxes for you (just make sure they aren't too big!).  Seriously, no more wasting time adding extra spaces or playing with the tracking - woohoo!!
As if that wasn't enough, there are also two action included to help you customize your alpha.  One will let you pick any paper in your stash - then it will make it a pattern, scale it (you decide) and clip it to the alpha template.  The other will let you pick any paper in your stash - then it will duplicate and move them around until there are enough to cover the entire template.  Once the paper is clipped, feel free to customize even more with elements , styles, etc.
Lastly is the Cutter action.  PC users - great news!  Push play then go get a drink or throw in some wash, but don’t take too long.  Your alpha will be cut and saved as individual png characters and as an all-in-one png file in just a few short minutes.  MAC users – I’m sorry, you’ll need to be a little more involved here.  The action will trim and crop each letter and then prompt you were to save it.  It will be much quicker than doing it all by hand, but you won’t be able to walk away while it does its thing.

I've got to tell you - it's fast.  Really fast.  Many of my PC testers reported back that they could make an entire alpha in 10 minutes.  Mac users - this may be the one time you wish you had a PC, lol.  It's still quick for you, but the saving part will take you a little bit longer.  Still MUCH faster than doing it all by hand or sorting through 7 different templates!

Click over to my YouTube channel and see exactly how it works! 

Now you just need to figure out what you will do with all the extra time you have on your hands!
My friend Amber LaBau was one of my testers and here is what she had to say about this handy little action:

Woohoo!! This is amazing, Happy (as always) ...  this is an AMAZING TOOL! I've used (another brand) for years and will be switching effective immediately! I'm so pleased with how quick it went - full upper, lower, numbers & symbols in less than 10 minutes, that I'll be giving away my test alpha as a freebie and won't even think twice about the time I spent..
And Amber is giving away that Alpha to all of her newsletter subscribers!  You can still get it this week by signing up here!ImageProxy.mvc
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Kiana Fitzpatrick said...

I seriously wish I could buy this from you. Do you have an Etsy shop for all your retiring products or anything?? Thanks

Happy Scrap Girl said...

Email me at happyscrapgirl@ ( no spaces)