Monday, August 11, 2014

Do you need a personal assistant?


You love to be creative and you have so many ideas!  But sometimes the "busy work" or business part of designing takes up so much of your time.  If only you had a personal assistant to help you get it all done!

Or you could use this handy action to quickly put together a collage for your blog of all of your CT's beautiful pages.  Oh and as a bonus, it will crop the large collage into smaller collage images that can be used as detailed images in your shop or anyplace else you want to show them off. 

Combine up to 20 square images (use any square size, png, jpg, layered psd or layered tiff) into one long collage. Save as 600 pixel or 700 pixel wide collages (length depends on number of images selected).

Add white spaces between images (really any color you would like) or combine them without spaces.

Automatically crop into 600x600 pixel or 700x700 pixel collages of 4 images each.

Saves automatically for PC's.  Prompts for save with file names for Macs.
Check out the video to see how it works!

** Don't forget - new releases are always 20% off


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